On DVD and Digital HD this week from director Martin Rosete and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the quandary and intensity of dealing with “Money.”

Mark (Kellan Lutz) and Sean (Jesse Williams) are two businessmen who live an expensive lifestyle. Mark lives with wife Sylvia (Jess Weixler) and they are enjoying the success. Sean brings Christina (Lucia Guerrero) to have dinner with Mark and Sylvia as the four enjoy their evening.

A knock comes at the door and Sylvia meets John (Jamie Bamber), a charming man who introduces himself as a new neighbor. Inviting him to meet everyone else, John sits himself at the table and they begin chatting it up.

That is until John begins to get serious, he makes the four at the table very uncomfortable. Finally the stranger makes it clear that he isn’t there for entertainment – John is there for money.

He tells Sylvia and Christina that the two men they are dining with have taken millions of dollars from the pharmaceutical company they work for. Mark and Sean both claim to have no idea what John is talking about and that is the beginning of their mistakes.

A night of terror, realizations, truths and consequences begin that is about to last longer than John had anticipated. Mark tries to talk his way out of giving any of the money away and Sean pokes at John until he pokes back! Sylvia watches as she learns more and more about the husband she thought she knew.

Money can be a powerful truth serum!

Lutz as Mark seems a confident businessman who isn’t about to let a stranger come into his home and take what he thinks is rightfully his. Putting his wife and friend in danger isn’t about to change that either. Lutz comes off self assured until John gives him reason not to be so.

Williams as Sean also isn’t going to give up easily the money he believes is rightfully his. When he constantly irritates their captors, Williams’ fear is more based on losing the cash than losing his life.

Weixler as Sylvia is a classy wife who fits right into their expensive home wearing her equally expensive clothing. When the question of ‘why?’ comes up, hubby Mark makes it clear that her need for the good life comes with a price tag and someone has to pay the bill. Guerro as Christina is disgusted by what is happening but stays in the background more so than the other characters. She doesn’t understand what has pushed Sean to steal but she isn’t about to confront him with John doing most of that already.

The crazy winner here is Bamber as John, seriously! From the moment Sylvia opens the door and he flashes his big grin it is clear he is trouble. His dialogue is smooth and filled with threat yet his demeanor is disarming (which is the point really). I found myself laughing at some of his threats in a nervous way and even when Mark and Sean think they have the upper hand, all I could think was “yea, keep thinking that guys!”

Other cast include Fredric Lehne as Carl, Joe Lanza as a Detective, Gonzalo Bouza as Officer Vitale, Illya Konstatin as David, and Denia Brache as Maria.

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The DVD of “Money” also includes the special feature of “‘Money:’ Behind the Scenes.”

That’s what makes “Money” riveting to watch. The cast of five are the story and there is nothing else in the way of the plot. Having the entire cast responsible for most of the 85 minutes, it is the ending that will have shaking your head in disbelief. Have to love plot twists.

Loyalties are tested and motives are revealed in an all-night stand off with this high-stakes thriller.

In the end – there are only two things wrong with money being too much or too little of it!



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