From director director/screenplay by Gregg Araki and Magnolia Pictures is a mystery that surrounds the WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD.

This film tells the story of seventeen-year-old Kat (Shailene Woodley) and life with her parents Eve (Eva Green) and Brock (Christopher Meloni). Kat begins to rebel by falling for Phil (Shiloah Fernandez) and a rift between mother and daughter begins. Trying to discover who she is becomes interrupted when Eve mother disappears.

Eve was a larger than life woman in Kat’s life but it was clear she was burdened by something. Now she is watching her father walk through life not wanting to talk about the disappearance. Getting away to college she returns home to see her father trying to start a new life so Kat she turns to Det. Scieziesciez (Thomas Jane).

She sees Phil once again now confusion sets in as Kat needs answers if she is going to take one step further into life.

FINAL WORD: Woodley as Kat begins as a rather typical 17-year-old girl who is one person inside the home and another outside. This might seem rather normal for most people but not everyone has Eve as her mother. Woodley gives Kat some scratch to her but not a lot of bite which I liked best about her performance. Switching gears a few years up, Woodley once again dives back into a home life she tried so hard to get away from but this time – she’s not leaving without a fight. A solid performance by this young actress to show what she’s really got and an opportunity to get away from the bubblegum roles.

Meloni as Connor is a man chased by demons. His first demon could be considered his wife who isn’t the typical gal-next-door. Not really sure how to deal with it he emotionally hides from everyone, including his daughter. But there is more darkness in this character and Meloni gives it just the right amount of it to peak my interest.

Green as Eve has crazy down pat. I am a huge fan of the series PENNY DREADFUL and her performance is one reason why. Playing Eve is a little different than the darker roles she has played but still twisted enough. Here is, once again, my only pet peeve – the growl in her voice. I so wish she would steer away from it. Yes, it has served her well but now its time to let her lovely voice be heard! Is it a distraction? Absolutely.

Fernandez as Phil is the perfect good looking kid on the block with a tad bit of bad boy to him. The perfect weapon to anger any parent and Kat takes full advantage of it. Have to be careful of those bad boys though, sometimes they really are bad!

Jane as the Detective is a bit pervie to my way of thinking. Working on a case and bedding the victims young daughter is not the kind of cop I want working on any case of mine. It’s not a heinous crime, just pervie.

Other cast include: Gabourney Sidibe as Beth, Dale Dickey as Mrs. Hillman, Mark Indelicato as Mickey, Sheryl Lee as May, Brenda Koo as Cindy, Michael McGill as Aaron, and Angela Basset as Dr. Thaler.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give WHITE BIRD IN A BLIZZARD three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. The cast truly does work wonderfully together to give this twisted tale of family dysfunction some meat on its bones. The cinematography is very well done with the period clothing and such is something that can reel me into a film.

The book was written by Laura Kasischke in 1999. This isn’t her first novel as she has written ten other works including The Life Before Her Eyes, In A Perfect World and Mind of Winter. Kasischke is an award winning poet along with her novels receiving awards from the National Book Critics Circle and several Pushcart Prizes.

In the end – she was 17 when her mother disappeared!



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