In 2009, the USA Network began airing the series WHITE COLLAR and it was immediately a hit! Now, on DVD is the complete fourth season is ready for die hard fans to get and watch once again with season five just around the corner.

The series tells the continuing story of Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer), a serious con man who is finally captured and sent to prison. Close to finishing his sentence he escapes to look for his girlfriend Kate.

He is captured by FBI agent Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) and immediately wants to make a deal with the agency. In exchange for being outside prison he will help Burke find white-collar criminals. Burke agrees but only if Caffrey is ordered to wear a tracking anklet.

Now, in Season Four, it begins with “Wanted” as Kyle Collins (Mekhi Phifer) looks for Caffrey who has a bounty on his head. Peter goes to help Caffrey and meets Dobbs (Gregg Henry) a man who knows Caffrey’s true identity.

In episode two “Most Wanted” Caffrey is shot by Collins as it becomes clear Dobbs is another wanted man. Helping Caffrey return under the original deal, Burke is reassigned. Episode three “Diminishing”, Burke is assigned to the evidence room but tracks David Cook (Michael Weston), someone he has been tracking.

The DVD goes into other episodes including “Parting Shots”, “Honor Among Thieves”, “Identity Crisis”, and “Compromising Positions” that lead to “Ancient History”. This episode had Caffrey seeking out Alex (Gloria Votsis), another thief who is wanted by the FBI and causes trouble for Burke and friend Mozzie (Willie Garson).

This is followed by the episodes “Gloves Off”, “Vested Interest”, “Family Business”, “Brass Tacks”, “Empire City”, “Shoot the Moon” and “The Original”. This leads up to the dramatic finale of “In the Wind” as Caffrey plans to get an evidence box from the Empire State building goes horribly wrong. Burke is arrested for murder and as Caffrey begs his father to tell the truth, discovers that daddy dear has used him.

Caught up yet? You better be because Season Five is just around the corner. Of course, you could always break out Seasons One through Three to catch up and get your hands on Season Four available now on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

This is an amazing series with twists, turns and characters that only make the show even better. I know so many people who love this series and encouraged me to watch from the beginning – taking their word I am convinced that the USA Network has brought cutting edge television to fans.

Now on DVD is WHITE COLLAR: The Complete Fourth Season complete with deleted scenes, a gag reel, Tim DeKay – In the Director’s Chair, “In the Wind” commentary featuring Jeff Eastin, Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay and Willie Garson available now!



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