Coming to DVD Bluray on September 4th from director Daniel Lee, Arclight Films and WELL GO USA is a Chinese period piece that is a fight to be emperor with WHITE VENGANCE.

This film tells the story of brothers Xiang Yu (Feng Shaofeng) and Lui Bang (Leon Lai) at the time of the Qin Dynasty. As the battles rage on it became clear that a new emperor is going to happen. As a final act a decree is put out by the King of Chu that who ever takes Qin Palace would be the Lord.

Xiang is the leader of the army and Lui follows his brother’s order. As they close onto the palace, Xiang asks his brother to take his love Yu Ji (Yifei Liu) to a safe place. After talking with his fellow soldiers, Xiang decides that he will be the first to the palace.

When Xiang discovers his brother’s disloyalty, he calls it out and it is time from brother to go against brother and friend against friend in a war for the kingdom. Along with their war counselors Zhang Liang (Hanyu Zhang) and Fan Zeng (Anthony Wong Chau-Sang) the pieces on the game board are on the move.

Plans are made, games are played, and betrayals in place and battles are raged!

FINAL WORD: Shaofeng as Yu is such a stable force in the film. He is focused as a warrior but his heart melts when it comes to his love Ji. Knowing that in order to take the palace he is placing many lives in danger, there are moments when the two feeling collide. The martial arts are amazing and Shaofeng brings the performance home with the films ending.

Lai as Bang is the inconsistency in this brotherly relationship and with that comes uncertainty. There is a huge part of character that is obviously denying what it would take to become emperor. Moving forward with only one goal in mind, Lai portrays a man whose inconsistency is key to taking what he secretly wants.

Liu as Ji is so lovely and the delicate beauty in the film. In the midst of the ravages and horror of battle, she is the other side of their lives. Zhang as Liang is the face that gives nothing away and in that is such intensity. It is very difficult to read what he will do next from his expression. Chau-Sang as Feng is the master of the game – and I applauded him at the end of the film!

Other cast include: Jordan Chan as Fan Kuai, Andy On as Han Xin, Qing Xiu as Xaio He, Haifeng Ding as Xiang Zhuang, Xiang Dong Xu as Xiang Bo, Chen Zhi Hui as Xiahou Ying, and Huinan Zhao as King Huai II of Chu.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give WHITE VENGANCE three and a half tubs of popcorn. What an epic and cinematic masterpiece. It is beautifully filmed in such a rugged and tough terrain yet – fantastic. Coming in at 138 minutes to do the story line justice there is not a minute that doesn’t work well. The story is full and brings the viewer into this world of intrigue and power struggle in the name of the people.

I am a huge fan of period pieces and this film does not disappoint in any way. It is beautiful, sad, delicate and riveting. The Bluray DVD includes a behind the scenes look, interview with cast and crew and international trailer included. This is definitely a DVD to include with your collection.

In the end – and epic battle between brothers and a war for a kingdom!



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