On Blu-ray this week from master director Johnnie To and Well Go USA Entertainment is the cat and mouse and the fine line of good and evil between the “Three.”

Dr. Ton Qian (Vicki Zhao) is studying to be a neurosurgeon and isn’t making friends doing it. Trying to focus on her work, Ton might be pushing herself too hard. Her day doesn’t have a moment as Chief Inspector Ken (Louis Koo) is about to bring in a murder suspect.

Shun (Wallace Chung) is a gangster with a bullet in his head. Immediately Dr. Qian wants to go straight to surgery while Inspector Ken keeps a gun loaded and Shun cuffed to the bed. Right before Shun is put under the knife; he wakes up and shows his hostility towards everyone.

Ken wants to know where Shun’s cohorts are and what they next step of their plan is. The gangster is all about making everything a game and doesn’t seem to care about anyone — let alone himself with a bullet still lodged in his skull.

Dr. Qian tries to be empathetic to Shun’s plight, she tries to help which gets her nothing but trouble and on Inspector Ken’s bad side. Giving the doctor and the police clues that something else is coming, it quickly becomes clear they have no time left to stop it.

In a blink the tables are turned and the three chose their fates!

Zhou as Dr. Qian is a character who clearly is unsure about herself in so many ways which causes her to make hasty decisions. I was never sure what she was going to do next or why she seemed intent on making matters worse but still cheered for her at ever turn!

Koo as Inspector Ken has serious problems to deal with. Trying to convince his staff and boss that what happened to Shun was brought on by his own behavior, it becomes clear that he isn’t quite telling the whole story. This is where the line is stretched as to what is right and what is legal. Koo gives us a hardened cop character who isn’t going to let Shun win.

Chung as Shun is a bad guy who doesn’t take anything seriously — not even a bullet to the brain. He talks but doesn’t really say anything that Inspector Ken wants to hear and that just makes the game even more intense. Keeping an eye on everything going in the halls of the hospital means he temporarily has the upper hand.

Other cast include Lo Hoi-pang as Chung, Cheung Siu-fai as Dr. Fok, Lam Suet as Constable Fatty, Stephen Au as Tong and Timmy Hung as Chak.

Well Go USA Entertainment is an amazing company that brings the best of Action and Independent films from around the world. There format includes theatres, digital, cable and VOD along with Blu-ray. For more of what they have to offer go to www.wellgousa.com.

“Three” is a fast paced film filled with twists and turns and things you don’t see coming until it is too late. That’s what makes this cat and mouse plot so much fun to watch. The action sequences are brilliantly done and amazingly done in a very small space. Yet every move is deliberate!

I found myself head smacking when I didn’t catch things but then again that’s the point. Keeping us side tracked constantly, the cast delivers performances that are so well done that I applauded when the film was over. Yes, that’s how much I enjoyed “Three.”

Director To has had the biggest international films with “Drug War,” “Mad Detective” and “Exiled” in the last few years. A native of Hong Kong, To began in television making his way to film being recognized for his work by the Palme D’Or in 2009, the Berlin and Venice International Film Festivals and the Toronto International Film Festival with many more to follow.

The Blu-ray includes the special features of “The Making of from Master Director Johnnie To,” “Three Complex Characters” and the trailers for the film.

In the end — they each must choose!



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