Coming to DVD from directors Matthew Ward, Justyn Ah Chong and Candy Factory is a thriller that takes twists to another level with “Wichita.”

Jeb (Trevor Peterson) is a writer on a children’s television show. Threatened with the prospect of losing the show by the executives, he takes a team of writers to a cabin in the woods under the auspices of saving the show.

What the writers don’t know is that there are hidden cameras hidden as Jeb has another idea of his own. Raven (Persia White), Natalie (Caitlin Gerard), Clark (Demetri Goritsas), Billy (Christopher Robles) and Joan (Melinda Lee) are in the cross-fire of madness. Watching them he becomes obsessed and even more intense. It all comes to a head when he is fired from the show completely.

Running home to Mama (Sondra Blake) brings out even more darkness and now there is no turning back from it all. As the others in the cabin begin to discover what has been happening with Jeb, it becomes a race to survive. What comes next is a fear that needs to be stopped!

Peterson as Jeb was absolutely terrifying in this role. There is an innocence about him yet when the spit begins to fly I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near him. The amazing ability to mix the Jekyll and Hyde of this character added to the thrill of the storyline.

The ensemble cast works together so well that it is a ride the viewer is willing to go on. I am still weirded out with the final scenes between Raven and Joan being trapped in the room with Jeb. Horror, thriller and twist fans should make this a night of lights out with someone to hang on to.

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“Wichita” is a mash up of every scary, fear and evil part of us with a dash of a boyish face you can believe in – until you can’t. I loved the addition of Mom’s story and casting Blake absolutely makes it clear that Jeb isn’t singing with a full hymnal.

“Wichita” is available June 20th on DVD but also iTunes, Amazon and Google Play with a running time of 85 intense-never-a-sane-moment minutes. With an ending that will leave the entire film up for discussion, the storyline never lets up for a moment and certainly takes its own demented path with ease.

The Official Selection of the 2016 Santa Fe Film Festival, Official Selection of the 2017 Film Invasion Los Angeles, and Official Selection of the 2017 Durango Independent Film Festival “Wichita” takes us on a journey that is disturbing yet also fascinating from beginning to end.

In the end – something psycho this way comes!



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