Coming to theaters this week from director Dito Montiel, Falco Ink and Starz Digital Media comes a story of becoming and the unexpected life on the “Boulevard.”

This film tells the story of Nolan Mack (Robin Williams), a man who pretends to be happy with his life. Working at a bank and in line for a new position, Nolan shares the news with wife Joy (Kathy Baker) and best friend Winston (Bob Odenkirk).

There is a secret Nolan has been keeping from everyone except a young man named Leo (Roberto Aguire). A few times a week they meet, and Nolan gives Leo cash just for conversation. As Joy begins to suspect, she tries to convince Nolan that time away on a cruise is just what they need.

But Nolan becomes obsessed with Leo, to the point where he becomes less like the man people have come to know and trust.

The truth may set them all free.

Williams as Mack is such a sad man in this role. Trying to please everyone by playing life the “right” way, Williams keeps this character on the straight and narrow path. It is when he takes off from the societal path that this actor brings Mack to where he truly wants to be. Williams’ expressions are so filled with such believable pain.

Baker as Joy is a woman who has settled into a life with Nolan. She loves him so much that looking the other way is the price she is willing to pay. Baker portrays this character with such sadness and with every look toward Nolan there is such suffering.

Aguire as Leo is a young man that is definitely on a destructive path. Living in a run down apartment, his life is guided by the sex that pays. As one would imagine, his self esteem won’t allow him to have feelings for anyone — let alone for Nolan. Aguire portrays Leo with such a hard exterior yet the pain is thinly below the surface. Well done.

Other cast include: Eleonore Hendricks as Patty, Giles Matthey as Eddie, J. Karen Thomas as Cat, Brandon Hirsch as Brad, Landon Marshall as Mark and Henry Haggard as Beaumont.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Boulevard” four tubs of popcorn out of five. This is the story of a man who has lived his life in the shadows of what was expected of him. Knowing that his life was on a different path, Williams portrays Nolan with a melancholy that was, at times, heartbreaking to watch.

The isolation from his own father who no longer talks speaks volumes about the grief Nolan feels toward a life lost. Such an incredible performance and another reason Williams will be sorely missed.

The story of the husband and wife slowly unfolds and is another sorrow in the life of this couple who have played the role well. Attempting to find solace with Leo is only the beginning of a life for them all.

Williams is such a beloved actor who has mastered comedy and drama with so much grace. It is difficult knowing his talent will not be seen again but in “Boulevard” we are reminded of what range of emotion he could offer.

In the end — all secrets find their way home.



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