Soon to be released on DVD from director Qunshu Gao and Well Go USA comes a film with twists that will leave the viewer guessing with WIND BLAST.

This film tells the story of Detective Leopard (Duan Yihong) who gathers us his team including Mastiff, Yak and Shepherd (Wu Jing) to track down Zhang Ning (Zia Yu). He is an assassin who has returned to China after a hit in Hong Kong is there to get his girl friend Sun (Charlie Yeung) and run.

Unfortunately there are also two bounty hunters out looking for Zhang as well and these two don’t mince words. On Zhang’s trail are Mai Gao (Francis Ng) and A Nuo (Yu Nan) who want a photo taken on Zhang’s cell phone that would point the finger at the man involved in the hit.

A battle begins between Det. Leopard and the gang against the bounty hunters for Zhang taking it to places none of them would have ever expected.

FINAL WORD: I have to say this film was difficult to watch from the beginning. Even with the subtitles I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. Then it clicked! I caught on to what was actually going on and went for a ride. This is a film that has a little something for everyone in a place for everyone. There are horse chases, car chases, gun fighting, martial arts, witty one-liners and moments of suspense.

Yiong as Leopard was not about to stop until someone made him! With his band of misfits it was interesting watching such different characters. Yak is the biggest and, well, furriest of the group. Mastiff is the smart one who no one listens to and then there is Shepherd who insists on being renamed Knight because it sounds tougher.

Ng and Nan are total bad asses from start to finish. It’s nice to see a woman taking as good as she gives! It’s an interesting combination with these two, as there seems to be no love loss between them yet works together so magnificently well!

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give WIND BLAST three tubs of popcorn out of five. I really did enjoy the fact that they took this film deep into the desert, which allowed for the almost western film type atmosphere. It is dirty (literally) and raw in its telling and very intelligent in its crafting.

There is also everything in this film that could be squeezed in! If you love car chases, gun fights, things blowing up, horsemanship and have it all done with pretty cool cinematography – then WIND BLAST is a must see!

The DVD Bluray includes the Making Of Wind Blast as well as interviews with cast and crew and the film itself has a running time of 118 minutes of action packed storytelling. Once again the idea of stories and good filmmaking coming out of Asia is bringing the market alive with fans that have been waiting for a long time!

In the end – it’s a kung fu western on steroids!



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