Coming to theatres this Friday from director Akiva Goldsman and Village Roadshow Pictures comes WINTER’S TALE.

This film tells the story of Peter Lake (Colin Farrell), a man who sailed ashore as a baby and taken in by Pearly Soames (Russell Crowe). After a falling out between them Peter is on the run and actually saved by the appearance of a white horse.

Living in a loft in Grand Central Station, he decides to steal a little more before leaving town. Breaking in a few homes he is ready to leave town until Horse points him in the director of one certain house. Deciding to go in, Peter stands face to face with Beverly Penn (Jessica Findlay), a young woman with an illness.

Sharing the afternoon together, Peter is struck with feelings for Beverly. What he doesn’t see coming is that Pearly is hot on his trail. Now they both must run to her father’s home in the country. Isaac Penn (William Hurt) speaks plainly with Peter about his feelings and intentions towards Beverly.

Also enamored with Peter is Willa (McKayla Twiggs), a young girl who sees the world with the eyes of love and wonder.

But it all comes crashing down as Peter wakes up one day and doesn’t remember who he is or what has happened to him. Now the journey begins to discover how he came to be and who is the mysterious red head he can only dream about.

FINAL WORD: Farrell as Lake is actually quite beautiful, that being said it disturbed me knowing there is 13 years between the two. Hey, there is nothing wrong with a young girl falling for an older man but this seemed a little unnerving. Oh maybe its just me – feel free to let me know on that score. Carrying the film, Farrell has always been able to put good into bad and he does so in WINTER’S TALE.

Findlay as Beverly just didn’t do much for me. That’s not necessarily bad, it’s more indifference. With Farrell having so much emotion I was hoping for the same from Findlay’s character. Instead I get to watch her feet melt ice – my cat can do that!

Hurt is believable as the doting father Penn. I loved his up front conversation with Farrell yet I’m not sure a father would be so polite or trusting! The young Twiggs as Willa is absolutely sweet. I wish we could all see the world in a bed of roses.

The winner here is Crowe! As Pearly he is just creepy, twitchy, has a thing for jewels and absolutely holds an eternal grudge. His conversations with the cameo’s Will Smith are nothing short of brilliantly done.

Other cast include: Jon Patrick Walker as Optometrist, David Hart as Penn Butler, Maurice Jones as Cecil Mature and Will Smith.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give WINTER’S TALE two and a half tubs of popcorn. There were moments where it was purely painful to watch what could have been a wonderful story fail miserably. I’m not sure how this is a Valentines Day film for lovers.

Separately the roles had a few high points but put together its reminiscent of many other stories/films I’ve seen regarding love, good vs. evil and the afterlife. I suppose love could conqueror everything for all of us if we had a flying horse and Colin Farrell! Taken from the 1983 novel by Mark Helprin, I’m curious as to his reaction of the film.

Jenise, aka Film Brat, says, “I wanted to smack myself in the head with a brick after ten minutes”. I can tell you right now that’s being nice for her. “The CGI was horrible, the story jumped all over the place but that being said I adored Russell Crowe in this role!”

In the end – this is not a true story, this is true love.



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