Wisdom from the Oval Office by Pierce Word is a good reference book. It has quotes of Presidents that range from inspirational, optimistic, encouragement, to those of frustration, pessimism, and antagonism. Since there are an infinite amount of quotes by US Presidents the reader has to take this book within the context that the author in choosing which quotes to put into the book; thus, has made an editorial and organizational choice.

The quotations are arranged according to forty themes, presented alphabetically, and gives the reader the presidential perspective on a particular subject. They can then compare and contrast the different opinions. The themes deal with everyday living, the Presidents’ beliefs, and their viewpoints regarding life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Anyone who enjoys a book of quotes will find Wisdom from the Oval Office useful. They will be able see, compare, and contrast how the different Presidential viewpoints have evolved over the years since America’s First President, George Washington.



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