On DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the final season of some very cool gals with “Witches of East End: The Complete Season 2.”

The Beauchamps are a family that includes the every ageless Joanna (Julia Ormand) and her daughters Freya and Ingrid. Living a quiet life, Joanna teaches art and practices a witch-free life. That is unless sister Wendy comes to town and Joanna has no choice but to come clean to her girls about who they really are.

Each of the women has their own power but must hide them from all that come into their lives. They come into contact with those who will try to destroy them and as a family band together to defeat then one after the other.

The season jumps right in as Joanna is dealing with the Argentium poison but the mysterious twin Frederick heals her. One problem down but another problem is the Asgard portal is open!

When the 4th of July comes the Beauchamps have a barbecue as Joanna introduces Frederick to the family. He may have healed Joanna, but there is something strange when he puts a spell on a pair of earrings belonging to Wendy.

As season two begins, Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum) learns that her connection with Frederick (Christian Cooke) could possibly find Killian before he gets into any more trouble with his brujo ways. Heading to Santo Domingo, imagine Freya’s surprise to find Eva keeping Killian (Daniel Di Tomasso) company.

Dash is busy trying to find out who is responsible for the attacks in the woods and even more tense when someone demands $50,000 from him. Don’t think Dash will take this all without a fight.

Wendy (Madchen Amick) has not trusted Frederick from the beginning and she has made it her mission to discover what he is up to with her own spell. All of it leading up to a disaster that no one wanted.

Dash (Eric Winter) and Killian perform spells from the Grimoire and Killian is the unwitting victim and must turn to Ingrid for help. The end result is a closeness between Ingrid (Rachel Boston) and Dash but also Freya and Killian are reliving a past life, of course this doesn’t explain why Eva is slipping Killian a mickey.

Joanna and Alex work together to find the Mandragora as Freya and Frederick celebrate a birthday. Tarkoff comes to visit the family but a cozy family get together isn’t the plan at all! What happens to Ingrid sends the family reeling but there are still discoveries to be made and secrets left to be told.

It isn’t easy being a Beauchamp!

I have always been a huge fan of Julia Ormand and it is fantastic to see her on television in this series. She fits this role beautifully as the matriarch of a family that clearly isn’t ordinary. It isn’t easy chasing after the bunch and the continuing twists and turns but Ormand handles it with grace and a tad sense of humor. I am also behind any woman who takes on the world as she has been a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and founding co-chair of Film Aid International.

Amick as Wendy is the character I feel is always tuned in even if she is a free spirited and very humorous woman. Staying away for over 100 years is a feat plus, she can be a cat whenever she wants. She is smart and lovely but don’t push her buttons. Especially when she has to tell the family they are in danger.

Boston as Ingrid is making fans totally envious with the hearts-o-flutter moment with Dash. Keeping it interesting is not even the half of it. This witch is a introverted librarian, come to terms with that duality eh? Always coming to the aid of anyone that needs her, Boston gives this character such warmth.

Speaking of Winter as Dash, can I just say I remember him as a very young man playing an alien on the soap opera “Days of Our Lives?” He is still a joy to watch and when he is serious, it’s like the room has the air sucked right out of it. Quite a feat! The doctor who ever Mom would be proud to have as a son-in-law, Freya couldn’t be happier — or could she?

Cooke as Frederick is as confusing to all of us as he wants to be. I like that in a character actor and Cooke keeps viewers guessing as to what he is really up to. Lawson as Eva, when she isn’t slipping a mickey, is spending time with Killian — keep an eye on her!

DiTomasso as Killian is another fan favorite and this season he once again proves there is a reason for that. Being considered the dangerous brother he continues to give that some bases in fact. Nothing wrong with being charming living in East End, especially if it gives viewers a little more spice.

Now, Tatum as Freya — first of all a group of us who watch the show absolute loved her character in season one and in season two she’s back at it! She is a little like her Aunt Wendy in the spirited sense for sure. This season she is as amazing as the first with a character that is so much fun to watch as the dynamics change, twist up, and lead viewers through a maze of emotions.

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TUBS OF POPCORN: I give “Witches of East End: The Complete Season 2” four tubs of popcorn out of five. Not knowing what to expect from season one I really had a grand time getting to know these characters and looked forward each week to unraveling the mysteries of this family. That was the fascination for me, and many fans, knowing that the more we learn, the more there was to learn. On an added note, the names of each episode are so good, it just had to be said!

The characters are really good and the ensemble put together to play them is actually quite perfect. It was, and continues to be, pretty cool to watch more than once. It is also a serious bummer that there will be no more of the Beauchamp family. The series was cancelled BUT I am hoping that maybe a television movie will come out of this. Oh yea, it can not be over.

“Witches of East End” is based on the New York Times best-selling novel by Melissa de la Cruz. Brought to the screen in 2013 fans can now have both seasons for their family library.

The DVD includes all 13 episodes on 3 disc with the episodes A Moveable Beast, The Son Also Rises, The Old Man and the Key, The Brothers Grimoire, Boogie Knights, When a Mandragora Loves a Woman, Art of Darkness, Sex Lies & Birthday Cake, Smells Like King Spirit, The Fall of the House of Beauchamp, Poe Way Out, Box to the Future and For Whom the Spell Tolls. That’s over 585 minutes of pure witchery!


In the end — these sexy witches know how to cast a spell!



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