Coming to 4K UHD, 3D Bluray, Bluray and Digital from SHOUT! Factory and Giant Screen Films is the most amazing look at the ice wilderness on our planet with “Wonders of the Arctic.”

Narrated by Victor Garber this documentary invites us on a journey to a part of the world that has always fascinated. In its vast snow and ice covered plains live animals who manage to survive even the coldest of temperatures. Let’s not forget that there is ocean beneath the ice where creatures also glide though the frigid temperatures with out a care for the cold.

Now, researchers have joined the Inuit people who have lived for thousands of years but not to study that, but instead to join forces in discovering what is happening to the environment. Not only are they studying the land but learning about the Inuit people and hearing the stories of their culture and way of life that can also help understand.

Once again I am truly fascinated by what the documentary brings and does so with stunning clarity. Explaining the effects in the loss of ice mass, it brings into view why the researchers are there! It is also saddening to see what all of this has done to the polar bears of the Arctic – that is completely heartbreaking.

What man has been doing to the planet has been throwing the much needed and fragile system of the North into chaos. It is a chaos that is affecting the beautiful creatures that call the North their home.

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The Bluray includes the 4K SDR and 4K HDR for the full UHD Experience along with the 3D Bluray, Bluray and Digital Copy that includes the Special Features of the 4K Trailer and Bonus Video. Every aspect of this combo set is stellar.

“Wonders of the Arctic” brings the viewer up close and colorfully personal with the animals but more importantly with the issues that the documentary raises. This is about how we treat our planet and when we don’t treat it well, it affects animals who can’t understand what is happening.

That is perhaps the part that hits me the most. Seeing these magnificent creatures that have survived so long and wonder what they make of it all. I love polar bears and the thought that my grandchildren or great grandchildren might not ever see one is not a thought I even want to entertain. Yet, it is possible and more so than we might want to believe.

So watch, listen and learn all that “Wonders of the Arctic” has to say because a place this amazing, this historical and this stunning beautiful needs to be our legacy.

In the end – it is a place of mystery, myth and fascination!



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