By Bob Zimmerman, (AOR Rock Entrepreneur), Rockin for more than 30 years with, what is called today, Classic Rock Bands. As you know, today I Rock for the Heart and Soul of our
American Defenders of Freedom!
The Men and Women who defend our Home of the Free and Land of The Brave

Long before I became a Veteran Advocate, I Rocked my way through
the late, 1960’s, 70’s, into the 80’s
Rockin my way around this world!

As of this writing I’m working with Dorn Beattie, to create Lifetime Opportunities for America’s OEF – OIF Veterans with Dorn’s new company called, Solara360 .
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From Rock Music Entrepreneur to Veteran Opportunities with
Solara360 , the world’s best DIGITAL SIGNAGE NETWORK!

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