Coming to DVD on December 4th from director Patrick Leung and Well Go USA Entertainment is a story of a mystery and WU DANG.

This film tells the story of Wu Dang Mountain in China where a treasure is said to be. This is also where a greedy treasure hunter (Wenzhuo Zhao) brings his young daughter (Jiao Xu) to fight in the Wu Dang tournament. Using her fighting skills keeps the watchful eye off his snooping.

That is until he is spotted by another greedy treasure hunter! A young woman (Mini Yang) who is not only a skilled fighter but also looking for a certain treasure she claims belongs to her people. It doesn’t take long for these two to connect and agree to help one another find the mysterious treasure of Wu Dang Mountain.

But, everything is not as it seems for what starts out to be a hunt for treasure easily turns into a fight of their lives!

FINAL WORD: Zhao as the treasure hunter always seems to be one step ahead of everyone. His daughter is growing up and not only is finding treasure a goal, but finding her a husband as well. That’s a little difficult when the daughter in question can knock a potential husbands lights out! Zhao is not so back himself with action scenes that are well done.

Xu is sweet, funny but can drop kick anyone that gets in her way. Her father’s motives run deeper and there is obviously a strong bond between father and daughter. When Yang enters the scene things begin to change drastically.

Yang is interesting as the other treasure hunter. She can hold her own in a good fight but also knows what she is after and is determined to get it. Its not greed so much on her part as it is trying to right a wrong without making excuses to anyone for it.

The cinematography is pretty wicked and the fight scenes are cool. The mountain setting is beautiful and the cinematography captures it all. The arena where the tournament takes place is right on the edge of the mountain, on false move and its done! The mysticism of the story is exactly what one would expect with cool graphics to match.

Other cast include: Siu-Wong Fan, Yu-Hang To and Hee Ching Paw.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give WU DANG three tubs of popcorn out of five. There is so much really good fighting sequences that this is a martial arts film to enjoy. The story being told in the mix adds to the enjoyment of the film. The characters are well played and, in some cases, a lot of fun.

The DVD also includes a behind the scenes look at the film, deleted and extended scenes as well. Well Go USA Entertainment brings the best in Asian Cinema to North America with five to ten titles being released monthly. To see what they have to offer next visit for more selections.

In the end – there is more than treasure in the Wu Dang Mountain!



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