Your Friend Jim The Foundation by James Winn is a book written by a former military intelligence expert on how to improve your life and achieve success through realizing the power in the subconscious. The book is described as a “self-help,” written by Winn, a certified hypnotherapist, who claims to detail how to tap resources of a subconscious mind, how to apply natural laws, and how to achieve financial success.

Early in the book, Winn explains how his wife claimed she could get a job earning $750,000, and within a week’s time achieved that goal. Of course he never said where she applied, what were her qualifications, and how she received that offer. At this point the skeptic in me said “no go” to the book although I trudged through the rest of it.

Chapter Seven is titled, “The Wonderful World of Hypnosis.” The last one-third of the book is Winn trying to convince the readers to use hypnosis to create a better world for themselves, convinced that anyone could do it. He goes on to state that a person’s imagination is the only place where you can do anything, where there are no limits. This is true but he never fully explains how someone can make the jump from imagining to reality. He noted, “By controlling our thoughts we control our destinies. We become as great and powerful as we want to be.” Unfortunately, that would be true if there were not others in the world that must be dealt with. He tried to convince the reader how they could control and direct their thoughts by using the example of the lazy bee, pointing out how the other bees do not take over for this bee’s slacking, but instead eliminate the bee by stinging it to death. I am not sure how this would work with people in the real world.

At times the book appeared to be a pep talk. These passages actually made sense when he described that a person can increase their self-image through good posture, which expresses being more self-confident, being grateful by taking the time each and every day to make a gratitude list, compliment others, and exercise to gain more energy. The only problem is these passages are over-taken by the passages where he explains that “begin by thinking only positive, constructive thoughts, where you accept only the good,” and “if you are having problems in your life you must recognize that they are caused by you…people who complain about poverty are poor.”

I tried to hypnotize myself in order to have positive thoughts about this book. Unfortunately, all I got was a loss of my time, because even the parts of the book that I could agree with were told to me by my parents.



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