Bestselling Author’s New Book Makes Copreneurship Irresistible

Our Bodies, Ourselves, the groundbreaking book that became a global bestseller, turned 40 years old in 2011 and is still making waves worldwide. Now Miriam Hawley, one of the original founders and co-authors of the book, has just released a new book, You and Your Partner, Inc.: Entrepreneurial Couples Succeeding in Business, Life and Love, which she co-wrote with her husband Jeffrey McIntyre.

Although just published, You and Your Partner, Inc., is already being hailed as a remarkable achievement, perfect for today’s business and social environment-an inspirational prototype for the 21st Century and a must read for anyone contemplating such a partnership, or already in one and wanting to take it to a higher level.

You and Your Partner, Inc., is a guidebook for couples challenged by the complexities of their personal and business partnership. Whether in business or contemplating combined ventures together, it helps them better navigate through the dynamics of making it all work. The co- authors, partners for more than 30 years in life and in business, have identified the seven key strategies used by successful entrepreneurial couples. These guidelines can offer personal learning opportunities to grow professionally while developing a deeper relationship with each other. The benefit can extend to families and friends, thereby widening circles of influence and social impact.

Being in business with your spouse or significant other is a viable choice being made or considered by increasing numbers of couples. However, the balance needed to maintain success in all areas is a delicate one. You and Your Partner, Inc. has attempted to capture the complexities that span marriage, partnerships and family business. Highlighting real life situations, they offer discussions anyone can follow. Couples already working together will also find authentic examples of how to take their venture to a higher level of accomplishment.

Factors that led Miriam and Jeffrey to select the topic include the success of their own joint venture; and especially the positive impact that creating and running a business together has had on their relationship, their family, and their ability to contribute to the greater good of the world at large. Add to that the fact that they are professional coaches for couples in business as well as business leaders and entrepreneurial women, and you understand why they are passionate about helping others find their way in this new landscape.

The book features 50 couples of diverse age, background, location, size of business, and type of business or industry. In these challenging economic times, these couples have discovered unique solutions for managing their careers, families and relationships. This choice is, of course, not without its challenges. However, as they each discovered, it was a choice with a potentially huge payout. Undertaken with sensitivity, intelligence and love, these partnerships offer rich rewards.

Miriam and Jeffrey also tell their own fascinating story. They co-own Enlignment®, Inc., a business coaching and consulting company specializing in leadership development, systems thinking and organizational change. Their clients span the fields of law, medicine, biotech, engineering, development, financial services and the arts.

About the book:
You and Your Partner, Inc. by Miriam Hawley and Jeffrey McIntyre
ISBN: 978-0615648972
Publisher: Enlignment, Incorporated
Date of publish: August 2012
Pages: 184
S.R.P.: $22.95



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