New book tells how to create the life you want by taking charge of your self-talk

Every person, place and thing in your world is created by the way you talk to yourself, according to psychotherapist Don Steckdaub.
Steckdaub tells us that thoughts create feelings, feelings dictate behaviors, and behaviors reinforce thoughts in his new book Your Thoughts Create Your World: Learn How to Create the Life You Want by Taking Charge of Your Self-talk.

Based on his professional experiences involving the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, codependency, anger management, marital issues, domestic violence and parenting, Steckdaub writes Your Thoughts Create Your World to offer a comprehensive, self-help guide to understanding how inner dialogue ultimately shapes our individual realities.

“We, not outside forces, are responsible for our total experiential creation, but the good news is that we can change our own thinking,” Steckdaub says. “My book empowers people to be able to substitute positive, life affirming messages and therefore create a whole new positive experience.”

According to Steckdaub’s expertise in the field, there are three types of thinking that tend to create negative, self defeating experiences: the shoulds, awfulizing and labeling. Through examples and lessons he has learned from his professional experiences, Steckdaub shows readers that awareness of this negative “self-talk” will empower them to substitute positive, life-affirming messages for negative ones that, with self-awareness and effort, can bring about positive life experiences.

“If we only listen to one point of view and don’t think for ourselves, we create biased opinions that may be at odds with our core beliefs,” Steckdaub says. “Life in general is our own creation, and when we understand this concept, we can create beauty and harmony rather than chaos and disharmony.”

Your Thoughts Create Your World: Learn How to Create the Life You Want by Taking Charge of Your Self-talk
By Don Steckdaub
Paperback, $8.99
ISBN: 978-1-4525-4524-0
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About the author
Don Steckdaub lives in Murrieta, Calif., with his wife Rita. He is currently a private contractor for Managed Health Network, a subsidiary of Healthnet, working as a military and family life consultant. Steckdaub earned his bachelor’s degree from California State College, his master’s degree from Newport University, a Ph.D. from Colombia Pacific University, and a Ph.D. from University of Healing. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) and a certified drug and alcohol and drug abuse counselor (CADAAC).



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