Coming to FX this Thursday at 10 p.m. is the new series YOU’RE THE WORST. Just a few days ago I spoke with Chris Geere who plays Jimmy and today I am equally thrilled to have spoken to Aya Cash who plays Gretchen – a friend after my own heart!

Aya comes into our homes with a pretty nice resume prior to this series. From the television movie STRANGE BREW, to the role of Callie in the 2011 series TRAFFIC LIGHT, and in 2013 she portrayed Shelly Wexler in THE NEWSROOM (fantastic show by the way). She also has hit the big screen as Janet in last year’s huge film THE WOLF OF WALL STREET.

Now she plays Gretchen, a very unfiltered human being who has the uncanny ability to say the most outrageous things only to be followed by doing outrageous things. When she meets Jimmy – all bets are off as these two most unlikely carbon based units meet and chart a crash course that I can’t wait to see!

Aya Cash joined me to talk about the show:

Hello Aya, thanks for joining me!

Hi, how are you doing?

Great, and thrilled to talk with you. I spoke with Chris the other day and he speaks so highly of you. I think your show is unbelievable fantastic.

Oh I’m so glad, we think so to. We are hoping people will love it too.

I think once people come out of the closet with their humor they’ll love it too.

I think it’s hilarious and I think the writing in the show is hilarious although I take no credit for that part.

But you execute it beautifully so take that credit.

Well okay then, I’ll certainly take that credit.

When you were approached with the character of Gretchen, what did you think about it?

I thought first of all that she’s hilarious. I thought that this was the kind of person that you have an attraction and a repulsion too because they are so confident in the way they live and do whatever the hell they want to do. But they also lay waste to everything in their path as well which I’d never really want to be. I’m jealous of her confidence and her ability to be who she is at all costs.

Where you surprised when you read the writing of how clever and double meaning the lines were?

I think it’s just so clear that it’s written by a very smart human being. Anytime you read something that makes you laugh out loud you know you’re in a good situation. It’s so clearly unique and interesting and better than 95% of the stuff out there.

You pretty much start out naked a lot of the time, how was that for you?

You know it’s terrifying in theory but in reality it isn’t quite so bad. I have never done a sex scene before and I’ve never done nudity either. In actuality I’m not really nude either with all these clever coverings. In different takes I write things on them. Once you actually get there and realize its part of who the character is, and Chris and I get along so well being so respectful to one another and everyone else is so lovely. I am always concerned about is this funny, did we get the right shot, did we get the right angle so it’s very unsexy.

You’re in technical mode.

Yes, it’s so not sexy. {laughing}

Chris said almost the same thing you did in that you both respect each other so is there a quirky connection between the two of you as well?

Completely! I adore Chris. We have very different ways of working yet they are so complementary to one another. We have so much fun working together and playing together. I think we have a mutual appreciation for who the other is as a human being. In life we might have not have ever met and became friends because we lead such different lives. Yet, that’s what makes this so special in that I’ve made this person who surprises me all of the time.

Do you think you might have some of the same characteristics as Gretchen?

Yes and no, sometimes I’m slightly influenced by her in real life. I definitely have gotten more blunt and I feel I get a little hit off her confidence. That’s really fun. We both have a dry sense of humor and I think that’s the biggest thing we have in common. I think I’m probably more self deprecating than Gretchen is because she’s a badass.

But she’s a badass in a self deprecating sort of way.

She’s kind of loveable because all of her flaws are out there. There isn’t any apology because it’s just who she is. Anyone that’s at home with who they are – are appealing.

Gretchen has no filter either.

Gretchen is a dichotomy because she is a big liar and she will do everything but tell the truth at times. Yet at other times she’s blunt and has no awareness that it might be hurtful to someone else in that moment. She has a little bit of both – completely honest and a big ole liar.

Being labeled as a liar do you think it’s no so much lying as it is trying to get a rise out of people?

I don’t think she’s trying to shock at any point. I think it’s the way she lives her life which is often blunt and sometimes overly concerned with telling different stories for no reason. She lies about stupid things.

So you’re saying for me to hang on a little while to learn more about Gretchen.

Yes, indeed! People are complicated so both Jimmy, Gretchen and all the characters actually have a lot going on and a lot of facets to their personalities.

The communal seating restaurant scene – that was one of the funniest for me because I’d rather stay home than do that.

I’m the same way. My husband though loves talking to strangers and makes friends where ever he goes. Who wants to go out and talk with other people?

The scene is really good between you and Chris.

I’m so glad you liked it; we actually had lots of fun doing that.

You’re almost done with the first season correct?

Yes, we will be finished when the first show airs. That’s crazy right? Wow, it’s almost here. It’s incredibly exciting and terrifying. We are so in love with the show and each other that suddenly to let other people see it and have opinions. Some will love it and some won’t – of course I won’t be friends with those people anymore. {laughing} It feels so special and ours right now it seems weird to let it go now. Hopefully it will be ours for a long, long time.

I’m going to tell you the same thing I told Chris, you need to Gretchen up and say there will be a second season!

Yes, there will be a second season! Let’s go for broke, there will be sixth season!

Oh come on now, go for broke, let’s go for a huge finale for season seven!

We’re gone to have babies and using walkers by season seven.

Goodness, I can’t imagine Jimmy and Gretchen having a child.

Poor child! {laughing}

Working with the rest of the cast, do you find yourselves having giggle fits?

There are times when we just can’t keep it together. Yesterday it happened and the communal seating episode, we could not keep it together. It was probably the first time and biggest that I couldn’t stop laughing. We laugh a lot definitely on set.

Jimmy doesn’t have the British politeness…

Not at all!

Gretchen doesn’t have the American politeness…

Oh definitely not at all.

Were you worried when you first started if people were going to be taken aback by the humor?

I think the language is rougher than basic cable and yes there is sex but nobody makes a big deal about the dramas that have much more graphic sex. This is much more grounded in real life so I believe in it. People are screwed up, dirty and ridiculous things. These are just people who are all out front.

I don’t even focus on the sex scenes because the things you two are saying to each other just steal away from everything else that’s going on.

That’s how I feel as well. It’s like lets keep it real and lets keep it moving.

I was just laughing so hard.


I really appreciate you taking the time Aya.

Oh absolutely, I’m just so thrilled that you like the show. We can’t do this without you guys.

So get ready for YOU’RE THE WORST on FX – order pizza, grab a few friends and tell them to bring the cold ones. This is a series to be shared among friends who understand that being human sometimes means being able to laugh at the best and worst in ourselves! Thanks Aya Cash!



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