Once again FX has brought me to tears – from outrageous laughter! Coming this Thursday is the new comedy YOU’RE THE WORST.

This series is the story of two of the most outrageous individuals you are likely to know, wait, scratch that, we absolutely know people like these two! There is Jimmy, a British author whose book sales are less than successful and it all shows through his self-centered harsh wit. Then there is Gretchen (Aya Cash), a very cynical unfiltered young woman who does what she wants and how she wants.

When these two people collide (because the word ‘meet’ doesn’t really apply), everyone else needs to keep away from the fallout! Yet – there is something magical about these two when they are together. It is intense, hilarious, shocking, mouthy, jaw-dropping, and I am utterly in love with this show!

So I became quite beside myself when given the chance to speak with Chris Geere aka. Jimmy! Trust me when I say I knew from the moment he said hello that this was going to be a blast.

Hi Chris. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me today.

Hi Jeri, how are you doing?

So good thanks.

Do you love our show dear?

Love isn’t a big enough word sometimes.

Give me another word.

I couldn’t stop laughing the entire day because I would remember things you all had said.


Yep, I’ve created a list of things I’m going to say now when walking around. I couldn’t believe there is finally a show created for people like me and Jenise.

Hoooooraaaaayyyy! Yeaaaaa! That’s so great. I’m so glad you liked it.

We thought this was insane!

So you think it’s a winner huh?

The fact that you are on FX proves you and everyone there are all willing to push the envelope and that makes you a winner in our book.


So when you got the script, what was your initial reaction to the part of Jimmy?

My initial reaction was the same as anyone whose watched television in the last five year that this is a brave project and not just in terms of the sexual scenes. In terms of the portrayal of this unique relationship that as you realize over the episodes it’s not unique at all. Everyone behaves ridiculously outrageous sometimes, maybe not as much as these two people but this is normal life! This stuff happens and if you can find comedy in some of the dark and dirty moments then brilliant, bring it on.

It’s interesting that you would say it’s outrageous because I don’t think it is.

There you go! I think that was Stephen’s [writer] point from the beginning. As a viewer your instant reaction is that’s its outlandish but it’s not. We didn’t feel awkward doing any of these things. Actually it was refreshing doing some of the things we hadn’t seen performed before and explore this world between these two messed up people. We pushed the envelope.

I think you will find a lot of kindred spirits. I mean if you sat in a room with me and mine, well, that’s how we act.

Oh wow, now that’s interesting!

We are a little nuts, we don’t hold back. That seems to be the case with these characters in that they don’t hold back, there filter is on off.

Yes, exactly. They are the voice for what everyone else is thinking. Especially for me coming from Britain where I’ve got this programmed politeness. If you are in a public situation that is embarrassing or frustrating in any way I’ll just keep it to myself and keep that British politeness. These characters say how it is, especially because it’s so funny. From the movie theatre to the scene in the restaurant date at a communal table its there. Anyone who has been at a communal table before might sit there and say, ‘well, this is alright’ where as Jimmy and Gretchen would say, ‘this is bloody awful!” and ‘what do you mean communal table?’. They just say what everyone else is thinking.

We were laughing at that because our first thought about a communal table restaurant was ‘if we wanted to eat at a communal table we’d eat at home’.

{Chris breaks out laughing} Absolutely. Why would I pay through the nose for that privilege, no way! People are going to be more honest in restaurant situations now after seeing that episode.

That’s what we are hoping will happen.

Hopefully they will think “what would Jimmy & Gretchen do?”

Hey, that’s on our list! We are going to have T-shirts made up that say “what would Jimmy & Gretchen do?” We will wear them at Comic-Con in your honor.

“What would Jimmy say?”!

We will have to find a good picture of you to go with it, one with Jimmy in his underwear.

I love it, absolutely. You have me back in my underwear though I spend most of the show in them too.

I was going to ask you how you liked spending most of your time with no clothes on!

In the first week during the pilot because we have a few scenes plus just being generally naked. Of course you have a moment of feeling embarrassed before it’s all okay. I had another one last week laughing because we’ve done it so many times we are use to it.

Then it’s the people wearing clothes that are the odd ones out.

Exactly. There is a scene where we are awful in each other’s company before we are seated. The script says we are awkward in each other’s company because it’s the first time we’ve been together with clothes on. I thought that was great.

What do you say – ‘you look lovely with clothes on’?

That’s so funny.

Being British, how does that play into this for you especially. Is this a chance for you to throw all stereotypes to the wind and go nuts?

Absolutely! I didn’t have any fixed ideas beforehand about how I was going to be a specific type. The dialogue is so good and the character is so good that I think how it’s going to work is that Jimmy and Gretchen have such different energy. They are both messed up in their own way but their voices and energy is different. These two people for some unknown reason can not be away from each other. They are so together in their bitchiness and anger toward the world. I came in and thought I was going to be the voice of annoyance for all the things that annoy people every day.

You get to be the honorary voice of un-reason!

Un-reason, exactly! I am hopefully I’m not to much like Jimmy. I have to be careful when I get home because Jimmy just rants and is so angry about things. So I have to switch off and become calm again.

So that begs the questions, is Jimmy really angry or just pointing out things other’s want to ignore?

He is, as the series develops because the writing it so exceptional, a certain way and you’ll learn why. There is the relationship with his parents has made him bitter and his book isn’t successful anymore and that all makes him angry. So rather than taking it on the chin and in another direction in life he feels that the world owes him something. In turn that makes him incredibly resentful – funny – but resentful. At the same time he is narcissistic and would never question anything that it would be his fault.

So what do you think attracts him to Gretchen?

I think it’s the line where he says its because he loves her incredible lack of empathy. They truly believe that they have suffered through life and that life owes them. They have a connection through that. Then, as the series progresses, their relationship becomes so important to them that they are actually willing to fight for it, actually willing to fight for the first thing in their life rather than flipping the bird when things don’t work out. That brings out an emotional side of them and we actually see they are really great people who have been dealt a bad hand. They kind of help each other to recognize that they are not as bad as they could be.

What is it like working with Aya who plays Gretchen?

She is hands down one of the best actresses I’ve ever worked with. She is wonderful, and a wonderful person. We are both married in real life so we have that mutual respect for each other. When we get to set we both really, really want this to work. It’s been effortless in terms of my work with her. She is excellent from a technical point of view and listens so well and is so creative. I’m going to miss her a lot until we come back for Season Two.

There will be a Season Two!

I hope.

Come one dude – channel your inner Jimmy here.

Exactly! [laughing] There is so much more to be told! We are filming a flashback episode which is just excellent which is episode 9 which takes us back to the day before the wedding from the pilot and how we all got to that stage. You realize the more flaws in these characters. I think it’s wonderful because it’s funny, dark, naught but really endearing. It’s possible the most favorite job I’ve ever done.

That’s another thing, it might take audiences a minute to realize that these characters are endearing. You have to get past the razor’s edges and go along with the comedy because that comedy is telling a story in itself.

That’s a wonderful way to put it, exactly. You realize they are just like everyone else. I can’t believe it’s airing next week. It’s what all of us have been thinking about for months. It’s scary but exciting at the same time. We were in this little bubble creating this story and suddenly it’s ready to be shown to everyone.

I hope you are as excited as we are to see the reaction of people. First they might be a little shocked and then…

Exactly, then they will smile and laugh! They need to just let go and laugh.

And laugh you will! This is quite possibly one of the best new comedy’s out there. It embraces a twisted humor that make ‘Jimmy’ and ‘Gretchen’ endearing because, let’s face it people, we all know friends just like them. Unfiltered and unafraid to tell things like they are (or at least in their minds) is what will bring fans running to FX for this show!

Seriously, we have already set aside our Thursday nights to experience more of ‘what would Jimmy and Gretchen do?’ with the new FX series YOU’RE THE WORST – join us won’t you? No filters required!

Gather a group for an evening of comedy, laughs and J&G euphemisms that might seem a tad familiar to life with YOU’RE THE WORST. Thanks Chris for sharing with us!



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