Soon to be released on DVD/bluray from director/writer Noboru Iguchi, Kikkatsu and Well Go USA comes a film that has just about everything you could want in fun with ZABORGAR.

This film tells the story of a young man named Diamon (Yasuhisa Furuhara), a member of the secret police who has a weapon like no other. Created by his father Dr. Diamon (Naoto Takenaka), the robot Zaborgar transforms from a motorcycle into a robot that helps Diamon fight evil but not before evil kills his father.

The evil they are working against is cyborg organization Sigma! Along with Sigma’s helper Miss Borg (Mami Yamasuki), they begin stealing the DNA of political leaders for the Jumbo Mecha! Diamon and Zaborgar don’t make it easy for Sigma when they fight against the sucking machine.

It is clear from the moment that Diamon and Miss Borg meet that there is something between them. Trying to stop Sigma is going to take them both even though Miss Borg has another motive. As Sigma brings about one more attack, Diamon and Zaborgar face the unthinkable!

Twenty-five years later a young girl named Akiko is raised by Sigma but knows she doesn’t belong and Diamon (Yutaka Daimon) discovers there is a reason to fight to the end!

FINAL WORD: Where do I start – well, lets start with this film is hilarious! Furuhara as the young Diamon has the role down pat. His relationship with Zaborgar is a little twisted but that’s part of the humor. His world is ridiculously funny with an end result that had me laughing. Yamasuki as Miss Borg had to know that her costume was hilarious yet she kept straight to her role and played it with comedy.

Zaborgar is a combination of the following – R2D2, Robocop, Transformer, Knight Rider, Karate Kid, Power Ranger, Reel Steel, I Robot with a tad bit of Monsters vs. Aliens and Mars Attacks. The bad creatures are hilarious and with names like Diarrhea Robot the laughs are crazy.

Other cast include: Akira Emoto as Dr. Akunomiya, Hiroyiki Watanabe as Captain Nitta, Houka Kinoshita as Minister Wakasugi, Yuya Miyashita as General Akitsuki, Kentaro Shimazu, Sakichi Sato, Asami, Cay Izumi, Yui Mirata, Demo Tenaka and Kentaro Kishi.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ZABORGAR three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is one of those totally ridiculous films that make the viewer laugh and catches them off guard with the silliness of the characters. This film reminds me of the Saturday afternoon films my brother would find at random on the television back when there were three channels, no cable and excitement with Godzilla appeared on the screen.

Don’t expect a lot yet get everything with the fun, laughter, antics, craziness and zany characters in ZABORGAR! Get it on DVD/bluray featuring a bonus of “Go, Zaborgar Go!” short film and more sushi trailers. Director Iguchi is also responsible for the films THE MACHINE GIRL and ROBO-GEISHA.

In the end – a robo legend rises again so prepare for mechanized mayhem!



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