Gnawing down a door in a theatre near you and your front door on VOD from director Jordan Rubin and Freestyle Releasing is the horror that is ZOMBEAVERS!

Three very lovely college sorority sisters Mary (Rachel Melvin), Zoe (Cortney Palm),   and Jenn (Lexi Atkins) decide to have a weekend getaway. Their first visitor is Myrne (Phyllis Katz) who lives at the lake. Who they weren’t expecting is hunter Smyth (Rex Linn) who tells the girls they need to be careful in the woods.

Settling in for the evening, they are surprised by weird noises which turn out to be just their goofy boyfriends Sam (Hutch Dano), Tommy (Jake Weary), and Buck (Peter Gilroy). Deciding it’s time to have fun – it is interrupted by a beaver attacking them in their own cabin.

The next morning the gang runs into a pack of beavers that attack them! Killing them it takes only a moment to realize they aren’t dead! A chemical spill has turned the harmless beavers into a pack of vicious zombeavers that refuse to go down quietly!

FINAL WORD: Melvin as Mary is trying to help the girls have a great weekend. That’s kind of hard to do when you’re holding on to a huge secret from your gal friends. Atkins as Jenn is a little maudlin because her boyfriend has cheated on her but I think she’d prefer that to the zombeavers. Palm as Zoe is just trying to keep her head when all others are losing theirs!

Dano as Sam is trying to be a hero, Weary as Tommy doesn’t know a lot about beavers and Buck has problems with his foot. Linn as Smyth, ‘that’s with a Y’ clearly hates the furry little creatures whose eyes happen to freak me out.

Other cast include: Brent Briscoe as Winston Gregorson, Bill Burr as Joseph, and John Mayer as Luke.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ZOMBEAVERS three and a half tubs of popcorn out of five. First of all, of course this is a totally predictable film of teens trapped by fear and beavers with an attitude. That being said it is one hell-a-wad of furry fun watching the beavers show no mercy and still there is time for a hot romance – well kind of!

In the midst of laughing I jumped a few times which made me laugh even more. It laughs came from one of the girls not knowing what a land lines was and another was when Sam uses a line from DIE HARD. Finally, eating chicken while discussing the disposition of a foot in a bag of ice is hilarious.

Now, let’s talk about the beavers – you know, the toothy little stars of the film. They are definitely big, hungry and leave a big bite. There is also a slight problem, bitten by one of these delightful creatures transfers a virus to human. I actually think I’ll be a little leery of beavers for a bit. Yep, thanks for that right?

The effects for the human-beaver transformation are pretty darn cool. This is what a love of B-movies is all about! I’ll say it loud and proud – ZOMBEAVERS falls into this category awesomely.

So grab a bunch of friends on a Friday night and get ready to get your zombie fix on because the ZOMBEAVERS will deliver – tooth and nail. Don’t jump up to quickly or you will miss the hilarious outtakes and the finishing song that is snappy.

In the end – they aren’t so cute and cuddly now!



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