Coming to DVD from directors Luca Boni and Marco Ristori, Entertainment One and Uwe Boll comes a journey to a place no one wants to go because of the ZOMBIE MASSACRE.

This film tells the story of Jack Stone (Christian Boeving), a man serving time in prison for a crime no one talks about. The US Government is about to call on him when a facility in the middle of Eastern Europe goes insane – literally.

The facility and entire town have turned into zombies. The only way to stop the spread is to place an atomic bomb in the middle of the town and destroy everything. No one is going to willingly volunteer to do this so a team of mercenaries is put together with Stone at the helm.

The team includes John ‘Mad Dog’ McKellen (Mike Mitchell), Dragan Ilic (Daniel Vivian) and the very quiet Eden (Tara Cardinal). Each have been given a deal by General Carter (Carl Wharton) that if they complete this mission they will receive totally immunity, cash and something they want most – their freedom.

What they don’t know is that Sam Neumann (Ivy Corbin) is the daughter of the scientist responsible for the outbreak. Stone discovers that Sam’s father also has a cure for this zombie plague.

Discovering the double cross by the General, the team decides they will do whatever it takes to get away from the bomb that is due to explode. Running from the undead their anger increases and their second goal is to get the General!

First – Stone must lead the crew out of the line of flesh eaters!

FINAL WORD: Boeving as Stone is the strong, and very large silent type. Getting out of prison means the reuniting with his young daughter. From the beginning he doesn’t want to make friends but instead get the job done and get out alive.

Mitchell is the crazy one here. His mouth runneth over trying to get under everyone’s skin. His friendship with Dragan played by Vivian is filled with one-liners and inside jokes. Both try to figure out Eden who is quick with a blade and only speaks when there is something important to say.

Corbin as Sam is the rebel without a clue as she tries to be something she’s not with her badass swagger and “I don’t need anyone’ attitude.

The guy to hate in this film is General Carter played by Carl Wharton. This is a guy anyone watching wants to reach through the screen and choke to death. His double cross is more of a triple cross as he plays each of the mercenaries with their weaknesses.

ZOMBIE MASSACRE is done by the same directors that did the film EATERS which is another one of my favorites. Both Ristori and Boni, who also wrote the film, have a resume of documentary shorts so these films are a nice break and a way to let loose which shows and zombie fanatics will love it.

Other cast include: Jon Campling as Doug Mulligan, Gerry Shanahan as Doctor Neumann, Nathalia Henao as Claire Howard, David White as Minister of Defense and Uwe Boll as the President of the United States.

TUBS OF POPCORN: I give ZOMBIE MASSACRE three tubs of popcorn out of five. This is a combination zombie film with action, twists, revenge, lies, zombies and retribution, and zombies. The story isn’t rocket science but it does flow along nicely with no problem knocking off characters when a zombie gets hungry.

The DVD includes bonus features such as the ‘Making-Of-Featurette’, storyboard comparison, teaser and trailers. In bluray this 90 minute action packed film doesn’t waste one moment of action.

Entertainment One is fabulous at bringing these films to audiences. You can follow Entertainment One on Twitter at

In the end – the dead have risen and war has begun!

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