American Veterans know first hand
the importance of Leadership on a Field of Battle

By Bob Zimmerman
Veteran Advocate

Class Warfare, is a strange way for an American Politician to incorporate into his or her Bill of Goods an attempt to convince the electorate, “I’m The One to insure Freedom and Economic Security needed for We The People”

Historically, it usually takes an Earthquake of at least 6 points on the Richter Scale to qualify as a real Earth Shaker! From now up to and including Election Day 2012 America will experience Left Wing Political Earthquakes at each campaign stop serving up Political Baked Potatoes, without the substance to make them palatable.

The Political Richter Scale usually comes in the form of Campaign Rhetoric at each stop where crowds of folks hear, Pointing Finger Speeches that leave one to believe the diatribe is no more than an announcement that sort of states, I’m the awesome Baked Potato and Savory Gravy that can put smiles on all American Faces.

By now you know, the Turnip Truck will be dropping off Left Wing Discontents out to make their 2012 appeal for a country void of, “RESPECT” substance, responsibility, faith, integrity, and honor.

We all have experienced having our plates full, but we aren’t referring to a Family Feast, it’s usually a term used by the Family Provider referring to the task of making the money needed to procure the food to fill the Family Platter.

On Election Day 2012 make sure you can swallow
all the Political Ingredients prior to pushing the
button that will affect your life for another 4 years



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