A year of horrible choices

With the election close at hand I wonder, “Will America ever be great again?” During the last eight years — since 2008 when Barack Obama took office — this country has grown deeper in debt. We owed $9 trillion then, now we owe more than $19 trillion and steadily growing deeper in debt.

I think we all realize — both Democrats and Republicans — that any Republican candidate other than Donald Trump would have easily won the presidency! The choices we have are the most outrageous choices America has ever had for the presidency. For clarification, I want to talk about the two candidates, which one has the most grievous offenses!

Let’s take a look at Donald Trump …

Mr. Trump has the innate ability to stuff his foot in his mouth. When he first announced his run, he made some glaring mistakes!

The first was saying that Mexican immigrants were thieves, rapists, drug traffickers and murderers. He should have clarified that the immigrants he was referring to were illegal immigrants.

When he made the statement about not allowing any Muslims into our country, again to clarify, he should have said Muslims from terrorist countries.

His latest mistake was committed 10 years ago when he made remarks about touching women. All he had to do was say that it was a terrible mistake and he was sorry, that he is repentant and a different person. I think we all — both men and women — have made statements that we wish we had never spoken. Luckily, we don’s face the same scrutiny as Trump. The allegations by 10 women and (ambulance chaser) Gloria Allred seem to be “trumped up,” pun intended.

Mr. Trump needs to ignore any further accusations and stick to the important issues that he alone has brought forth in the primaries and this election.

Now Hillary Clinton’s turn …

Hillary has the innate ability to continually lie about all of her transgressions. Of course, one of the biggest is for deleting 33,000 emails after receiving a subpoena to turn over all remaining emails to the FBI.

Another lie that she trapped herself into was that no emails were marked classified, which we now know is untrue. She then twisted the words from the FBI to say they found no evidence of misconduct.

The Benghazi story is another tragic situation that she created. She, as secretary of state, had the ability to send troops to protect our embassy. Because of her inaction, four honorable Americans died — then she had the audacity to lie to the parents of the dead men.

Mrs. Clinton, over the years, has collected well over $200 million dollars from Arab countries that practice Sharia law. She and her husband Bill have been paid $200,000 to $500,000 for speeches given in these Arab countries. She claimed her and her husband were broke when they left the White House, another lie!

She claims that Russia has stolen emails from servers in the U.S. and that Putin is interfering in our elections and supports Donald Trump. She neglects to tell us how she received more than $2 million when she gave Putin and the Russians more than 20 percent of our uranium! Why would anybody give our enemies uranium that is used in the production of atomic weapons? I’d like Hillary to answer that question!

Even though Obamacare is a complete failure and all insurance premiums have increased anywhere from 25 to 100 percent, she wants to keep it and make us pay even more money in taxes. Hillary has pandered to black and Latino communities for their votes, yet during the last 8 years these communities have suffered more than any others.

So let me summarize.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for a person that will lie about anything — life ,death, taxes and well-being of every American no matter what color. Her husband lied to us too. Remember, and I quote, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” He got impeached for his lies and she persecuted the women who proved her husband had molested them!

Almost three-quarters of the American people believe that she’s a liar and do not trust her. If she were to become president, would we be able to trust anything she said? Just think of whatever she has to say — how much of it could we believe in?

Remember, that what she tells us — the poor and the middle class — she tells the complete opposite to Wall Street bankers, the banking industry all of the well-to-do’s! We must remember that Hillary is no longer broke, and she not only considers herself above law, she considers herself aloof and above the people.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote that will support a narcissist, a shoot-from-the-hip kind of guy. The guy that has shown disrespect for women but swears he holds them in the highest regard. A guy that does not have the support of the establishment.

But do we really want a politician again, that will lie, cheat and steal for the wealthy and ignore the middle class and poor of this country? Do we want a president that has made big promises like well-paying jobs, border protection, law and order, a better education system, better health protection and lower insurance costs? Donald Trump is a braggadocios man, and he will not let his ego be compromised.

We need a president that can bring all of us together again. The Obama presidency has pushed race relations to a violent precipice that continues to destroy our values and the Constitution. Our law and order people (our police officers) have been demonized to the point that they are afraid to carry out their duties, which puts all of us in danger.

In closing, the choice is yours. Do we want a republic that remains the land of the free and home of the brave? Do we want a republic that stands for law and order? Do we want a republic that protects our borders and citizens? Do we want a truly united United States? Do we want to see the United States that is truly great again?



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Richard Matz

Richard T. Matz is the publisher of the Military Press. Send feedback to rmatz@militarypress.com.