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Where to find the Military Press

The Military Press is the largest military news, sports and entertainment tabloid in California, with a distribution network that reaches over 200,000 military personnel every two weeks.

Our readers utilize us as a reference for things to do, places to go and services needed. Their guaranteed income represents California’s largest money market and your business will grow by remembering the military and their families in your monthly budget considerations. We service:

  1. All military bases, with 40-50 stops at each base, ie. exchanges, commissaries, credit unions
  2. All in-port ships – hundreds of papers in the galleys and racks
  3. Off-base and on-base housing including the barracks
  4. We have racks lining the streets neighboring the bases at restaurants, liquor stores, barber shops and gas stations
  5. Major shopping centers and malls, reaching civilians as well as military
  6. VA Hospitals – in the waiting rooms and lobbies

The Military Press is a direct pipeline to all branches of the military in California — Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force and Reserves. A bi-monthly publication distributed FREE to all military. The Military Press reaches all bases, in-port ships, key housing areas and VA Hospitals. We have newsracks in civilian high-traffic areas as well.

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Email us or call 858-537-2280 for more information.

2016 Media Kit
Click here to download the Military Press’ 2016 Media Kit.