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Coming to DVD, Digital and On-Demand from directors Joe Zelada, Richard Claus and Shout! Factory Kids is the tale of AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon.

Hidden deep in the jungle of the Amazon, Ainbo (Lola Raie) is a 13-year-old-girl who wants nothing more than to be the best huntress for her tribe. Zumi (Naomi Serrano) is her best friend and is about to be crowned the Queen of the Candamo civilization.

Caught in her own favorite tree trap, spirit guides Dillo the armadillo and Vaca the tapir who tell Ainbo that they are Zumi’s spirit guides. She is going to need them as the curse of Yacuruna seems to be taking over the jungle. Trying to gift them to Zumi, Dillo (Dino Andrade) and Vaca (Joe Hernandez) don’t show up and it causes the tribe to think she is lying.

Chuni (Alejandra Gollas), who takes care of the girls, causes Ainbo to run away with the nasty Atok (Rene Mujica) chasing them running into the westerner Cornell DeWitt (Thom Hoffman). In the forest, the two spirits tell her that Motelo Mama (Susana Ballesteros) the turtle can help with the quest that she is now on and talks more about Ainbo’s favorite tree. From there she finds the sloth spirit Pelejo (Rico Sola) who gives her another item on her journey to a volcano.

Coming back to the tribe, Ainbo finds that Atok and Zumi are in the company of DeWitt who promises to cure the illness of the people and land in exchange for gold. Calling upon her mother Lizeni (Yeni Alvarez), two who are against one another become one in the fight for the people of Candamo!

Raie as the voice of Ainbo gives the young girl all the emotions of a 13-year-old. She is insecure, unsure but loves her tribe and best friend Zumi. Willing to take on the journey that could save them all from destruction, she embraces all the danger with a bravery she did not know she possessed.

Serrano as the voice of Zumi may not have started out a queen but quickly let it be known she knows what to do for Ainbo and her people. Trying to understand the outlander, it becomes clear what he wants because they don’t see gold in the same way. Mujica as Atok has his own personal issues and they constantly get in the way of doing the right thing.

Andrade as Dillo and Hernandez as Vaca are wonderful companions to Ainbo on their journey. They try to help the best they can but sometimes manage to get into more chaos but it all works out for the best.

Other cast include Gerardo Prat as Conibo and Bernardo De Paula as Huarinka.

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DVD Bonus Features include special Featurette About the Making of AINBOW: SPIRIT OF THE AMAZON and the Music Video.

Directors Zelada and Claus previously worked in the film THE LITTLE VAMPIRE with this film being the first animated film from the Tunche Films in Miraflores. The story itself was written by Jose Zelada. Bringing in Claus from the Amsterdam Cool Beans Studio created a collaboration between Peru and the Netherlands. The added history of AINBO is that the Zelada family lived near the Amazon Basin in the 80’s and they listened to local stories of the rain forest.

An official selection of the 2021 Annecy International Animation Film Festival and recently nominated for Best Feature, Best Sound Design and Best Original Music at the Ibero-American animation Quirino Awards in Madrid. AINBOW: Spirit of the Amazon smashed the box office in Spain and garnered international box office successes in France, Australia, New Zealand and Central America.

AINBO: Spirit of the Amazon is a colorful, exciting and wonderful film that tells a story of what is truly important to this young girl. With no concern for her own safety, she tackles every obstacle in front of her to keep moving forward to find the answer. That answer is what will save her people and repair old wounds she didn’t even know surrounded her.

The friendship between Ainbo, Dillo and Vaca are just priceless and necessary, especially when the two girls find themselves at odds over what to believe about a stranger in their midst. New alliances are made because nothing has changed for Ainbo who will do anything to stop the chaos and the destruction headed towards her village.

In the end – it is a wild jungle adventure!



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