America’s Combat Veterans know the need for Rock Solid Leadership when it comes to Governance of America.

It appears that our Veteran Community needs to come together to bring our Fellow Americans to the table of We The People, Proud Americans All. The coming together need not be face to face thanks to the fact we have Electronic Access to our Fellow Citizens from Sea to Shining Sea on everything electronic, Telephone Land Lines to Electronic Word Pads, America is wired for communication.

The USA is a nation of “One People” with the vast majority being People of Faith. That very faith expresses itself on Gravestones in American Cemeteries dotting the landscape across world. They are the final resting place for American Hero Defenders of Freedom, Domestically as well as in Foreign Lands, where ever and when ever the Cry for Freedom was heard across this earth.

We The People need to refresh our memories and reaffirm the purpose and goals of our Forefathers, that purpose was, and still is, “FREEDOM.”

When Veterans come together in our VSO Posts, all meetings and or gatherings of our Brother and Sister Veterans remind us that the USA is “One Nation Under God, and together we reaffirm our sense of duty by repeating our nations, “Pledge of Allegiance” and commitments to protect and defend this great country.

When we serve on Active Duty we are reminded daily that we are a very small contingency of the Worlds Population, but we lead the way for all the peoples of this world to know “FREEDOM.” That “FREEDOM” we all love and appreciate is an integral part of our Founding Fathers decision to pay homage to our Creator when they engaged in creating our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and our Bill of Rights.

We The People know and understand we have Fellow Americans that choose not to embrace the glue that holds this Land of Exceptionalism together. To them and all who question the validity of this Democratic Republic One Nation Under God, all that is asked of you is respect your neighbors and they will respect you. For all of We The People, <strong>RESPECT is a word of great MEANING!

For all of us who have served our country, we raised our Right Hand and swore to God and Country to protect and defend our nations Constitution, Bill of Rights, and “FREEDOM. When we received our Military Discharge, we did not discharge our commitment to the Defense of Freedom.

Election Day 2012 is all about this great Democratic Republic, and it’s mission to see that this Great Country remain the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, One Nation Under God. One People, American’s All, from Type A to Type O, we are all Red Blooded American Children of God, the Creator of All Life.

America, founded with Divine Guidance by our Forefathers
a new Land, one of a kind country where all Men and Women
should know and love the God given gift of, “Respect”
Bob Zimmerman, Veteran Advocate, May 20, 2012

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