San Diego has long been America’s Veteran City, yet there is no distinct San Diego Veterans Service Center. I brought this up several years ago, and still to this day I don’t understand why the United Veterans Council is not a non-profit 501(c)3 organization spearheading / representing the veteran community with a comprehensive program covering each and every veterans issue.

A fully functioning San Diego Veterans Center should be well established prior to the City of San Diego being promoted as “America’s Veteran City.” Such a center should be sponsored by San Diego County communities, the County, and the business community.

The article by Chairman Harkins that appeared in the Sunday, April 29, 2012 edition of the San Diego Union Tribune is right on point regarding ongoing issues that never get beyond conversation.

San Diego County is home to this great country’s largest veteran population, yet when it comes to things like our Veterans Day Parade, we’re lucky to have 3,000 spectators show up from within the community. Such a parade should be an outstanding patriotic production for this proud home away from home for America’s Marines, Sailors and military veterans.

San Diego should be the premiere American City for such a patriotic celebration, yet somehow New York City gets the attention.

If we want San Diego to be “America’s Veteran City,” someone must take the lead to spearhead that mission with a determination of bringing the San Diego civic and business communities to the fore to fill this need.

If the Gay Pride parade can draw over 140,000 for a three-day festival, I would think with a bit of determination, ingenuity and “Proud to be an American Community Pride,” our collective communities can at least compete with our gay neighbors.

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