Now on DVD from 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment comes the hilarious and cutting edge comedy from a few animated friends from FX with “Archer: Danger Island.”

Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) doesn’t waste any time getting into trouble as a married woman is found in his room and Mother (Jessica Walter) isn’t happy with gun fire erupting in her hotel. The hotel in French territory with illegal gambling on the island of Mitimotu in 1939.

When Princess Lanaluakalani (Aisha Tyler) and her man Fuchs (Chris Parnell) want a ride off the island, one-eyed Archer gets the plane Lucy in the air. Pam (Amber Nash) is his co-pilot and the parrot Crackers (Lucky Yates) has a lot to say between drinks and crackers. As they all jump out of the plane, Archer is left to either land or make something magical happen.

Parachuting down it seems only Crackers makes that maneuver look easy but it’s Pam who shows that she’s no slouch when it comes to snakes and a good firearm. Saving Fuchs isn’t something she wants to do but it’s the only way to keep the Princess from doing something nutty.

Back at the hotel, Mallory is dealing with a crazy Charlotte (Judy Greer) and a box of chocolates. Capitaine Ray (Adam Reed) has been convinced to let her out and put her in the custody of Mallory to work off what she owes to the hotel. Archer is still up in the air, literally, and his sweet talk to Lucy isn’t getting him anywhere. All of this is followed by an airplane-big-lizard-poo-poo-storm!

Now that the seaplane is a pile of non-winged metal, Mallory isn’t thrilled and making her usual threats. The Princess has a plan of her own to find a hidden idol and get rid of the French and the German Fuchs is all in. The thing is – Archer, Pam and Crackers also think they need to go idol hunting so they can get a new plane.

They need Charlotte to make that happen and since she’s working for Mallory now it should be an easy get right? Yea, maybe not. Archer breaks into Fuchs room and discovers pretty much everything needed to find the idol. Pam has also been busy getting ready to surprise Archer with a put together Lucy but instead of being happy it sets off some serious memories of Spanish war enemy Ziggler.

Fuchs has brought in backup to keep everyone away from the idol hunt and Charlotte might have something to say about that. Capitaine Ray isn’t happy with the influx of Germans either but threats from him don’t seem to cut it with the group either. Archer drowns his memory sorrows with sarcasm and bad beer deciding there is only one way to fix this – a fight in air.

Mallory is asking a lot of questions about what Archer is up to but there are ears all around who want to know the answer. The Princess isn’t happy, especially when Fuchs isn’t keeping his men in line. Pam and Archer have already taken off with a copy of the map that doesn’t exactly show all the traps. This leads to Archer having a huge meltdown, Pam crying and monkeys pitching coconuts!

While once again getting out of chaos, Archer and Pam discover that monkey’s aren’t the only thing in the jungle to be worried about. Tied naked to a stake, Pam has another one of her story’s to share with Archer but anthropologist Noah (David Cross) stops everything. He gets a chance to explain what is going to happen to them next.

The Princess is in trouble with her own parents when they discover that the map leading to the idol is missing from their home. The Tapua has powers and she now realizes that perhaps Fuchs has been using her. Meeting up with Mallory, Charlotte and Capitaine Ray, they are trying to find Archer and Pam before they get their hands on the idol first!

Escaping from a dinner where they are the guests, Pam and Archer try to make a getaway that turns them into official members of the tribe. As members, Archer works to train the tribe as they prepare to face Fuchs, Ziggler and…. Mallory!

As screwed up as the group is, they rally to fight against Fuchs and the Nazi storm troopers. Making their way out of the jungle, the Princess plots with Archer but they don’t realize they still have one nemesis eyeballing them.

Finding the skull entrance below the volcano, the group is close to finding the idol. There are several problems like an angry volcano, lava, uranium, laughing cannibals, weird hieroglyphics and an ending that will leave us all scratching our heads!

The DVD special features include “Inside Look: Making ‘Archer’” and “Crackers’ Costumed Playings.”

The episodes include “Strange Pilot,” “Disheartening Situation,” “Different Modes of Preparing the Fruit,” “A Warrior in Costume,” “Strange Doings in the Taboo Groves,” “Some Remarks on Cannibalism,” “Comparative Wickedness of Civilized and Unenlightened Peoples” and “A Discovery.”

There are so many words to describe Sterling Archer and I’m sure in the last nine seasons I’ve pretty much used all of them. Hilarious, disturbing, entertaining, disturbing, jaw dropping and disturbing are just a few (yes I realize three of them are the same and truth be told ‘hilarious’ and ‘disturbing’ could go together and still work!).

The cast of “Archer” delivers every single season and I have not ever been disappointed. This is a series absolutely meant for adults and it should be. Animation isn’t just for kids just because our age numbers go pretty high into – shall we say – the 50+ range. I’m in it every season and proud to repeat many of the lines on a daily basis.

That’s what makes this show so very special. We love to love to hate loving each character for what they say, who they are and how grossed out we can possibly get. I think at this point Pam is winning if we are being honest here (she types with an evil grin).

I believe Season 10 is going to bring another aspect to the show that is going to be even more fun, more exciting, more disturbing and more entertaining. If you don’t believe me make sure you sit out the very last episode.

So grab your copy of “Archer: Danger Island: The Complete Season Nine” and marathon all nine seasons because I did and my sides still hurt. In the end – his mysterious and deadly worlds continue!



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