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Currently on DVD from writer/director Giles Alderson and MPI Media Group comes a battle between father and son with ARTHUR & MERLIN: Knights of Camelot.

It is 463 A.D. in England and King Arthur (Richard Short) and his knights have been away for five years fighting the Romans. Not handling the after battle well, Arthur finds solace staying away from Camelot. Leaving son Mordred (Joel Phillimore) in change, what he does not know is what he has done to Guinevere (Stella Stocker).

Mordred has decided that he wants to be kind and wants his father to stay away. Knowing that he is going to have to deal with the Saxon’s, it is time to bring the power all to him. Sending assassins to take care of Arthur and the knights, Arthur also discovers that Mordred has been holding Guinevere as a prisoner.

Determined to rescue his queen and put things right in Camelot, Arthur turns to Merlin (Richard Brake) to get him home safely. By Arthur’s side are Lancelot (Tim Fellingham) as they plan their way into the castle. What they do not know is that Mordred has decided that he is ready to be crowned King of Camelot even if his father is alive and is also ready to take a Queen, and it is not the Hag (Sanna Kelly).

It is time for the Knights of the Round Table to assemble once again.

Short as Arthur is a man that seems on the road to destruction while away from Camelot. Unable to emotionally handle what he has seen and done, staying away has only brought about pain to those he claims he loves. Short gives Arthur a darker side than has been seen before and it is an interesting take on how Arthur deals with his life.

Phillimore as Mordred is a piece of work! Left behind to be a good steward to Camelot, he is anything but. Instead, he is a bit of a malignant narcissist believing that if you do not follow along, he has no problem putting a knife in your back. Believing his own press, Mordred makes plans to take what is not his without batting an eye. Phillimore puts on an evil grin and makes sure that if you do not like his character, its because he makes it that way!

Stocker as Guinevere is dealing with Mordred and there is a secret of her own that she is keeping. Kelly as the Hag is supporting everything Mordred does by using the powers she has that are like Merlin’s. Using those powers gives Mordred even more ability to feel that he can take Camelot with ease.

Other cast include: Joe Egan as The Beast, Ian Sharp as Bareth, Stephen Uppal as Branor, James Nunn as Tristam, Daniel Schutzmann as Percival, Kris Johnson as Bedevere, Aaron May as Alexander, Ronan Summers as Lucan, Matt Gras as Gilles, Fabio Goutet as Laurent, Tom Taplin as Tomas, Sam Newman as Brother Cedric, Paul Davis as Agravain, Stefan Boehm as Owain, Paul Rhodes as Lot, Emily Haigh as the Lady of the Lake and Gerard Cooke as Uther Pendragon.

MPI Media Group is one of the largest independent entertainment companies with a compelling slate of the world’s most respected cinema, documentaries, performances and television programs.  Films such as THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL and THE INKEEPERS and STAKE LAND brings original talent and projects to a vibrant slate.

ARTHUR & MERLIN: Knights of Camelot is a film about the darker side of Arthur and his men. It is also the twisted side of son Mordred and the obvious disconnect between father and son. Instead, like most power-hungry kids, Mordred believes in the powers of the Hag and that nothing can possibly hurt him as long as he rules with fear.

That is where Merlin steps in to remind Arthur of where he has come from and where he has always been meant to be – Camelot. What waits for Arthur is a battle for more than just the soul of the knights but unraveling the secrets of those he trusted.

In the end – he needs to remember who wears the crown!



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