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Coming from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment on Bluray for its 35 Anniversary in an awesome set are the iconic films that everyone still watches today with director Robert Zemekis and BACK TO THE FUTURE: The Ultimate Trilogy.

It is 1985 the BACK TO THE FUTURE story is Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) who is not your ordinary 17-year-old. Living with Dad George (Crispin Glover), Mom Lorraine (Lea Thompson) and siblings Dave (Marc McClure) and Linda (Wendie Jo Sperber), they have the average American life.

Marty likes hanging around Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) who has some amazing inventions. His latest is a DeLorean that he has turned into a time machine. That is where the problems begin as Marty ends up back in time to when his parents first met. He has to do everything possible to make that happen once again, and help Doc fix a DeLorean, but only if he can keep Biff (Thomas F. Wilson) away!

Things get a little more complicated in BACK TO THE FUTURE II in 1989 as Doc (Christopher Lloyd) comes to Marty (Michael J. Fox) and girlfriend Jennifer (Elisabeth Shue) to let him know that he must repeat his 1955 visit to the past because something is brewing in 1985. Biff (Thomas F. Wilson) saw something in the past that has changed the future for Marty’s kids and only he can fix it.

Biff has other plans, Jennifer hears things she doesn’t want to while Marty and Doc try to  put everything back into place. Confused yet, so is everyone one else but the fun that comes along with watching it all play out makes the film still drive into our hearts.

In 1989, it is 1955 where Marty (Michael J. Fox) learns that Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) is in 1885 has died at the hands of Biff’s relative Buford (Thomas F. Wilson). Knowing that he must get to Doc before that day happens, Marty is now in the Old West even though he has a note asking that asks Marty not to find him.

Finding the DeLorean, Marty hides it and runs into ancestors Seamus (Michael J. Fox) and Maggie McFly (Lea Thompson). He also finds Emmett (Christopher Lloyd) as they try to find a way to get the DeLorean up to 88 miles per hour. The only way is using a locomotive to push the car to the speed needed. Doc has also met the very sweet Clara (Mary Steenburgen) who doesn’t realize she has a part to play in all of this as well.

It may be the Old West but Marty and Doc know how to make it back to the future!

Fox as Marty brought many of us into theaters over and over again to enjoy each of the three BACK TO THE FUTURE films. As Marty, this actor brought laughs, perfect delivery of lines and an innocence that only Fox could pull off. At the time he was coming off his stint on the television series FAMILY TIES playing the role of Alex P. Keating – another iconic role, Fox showed that he had a lot more to give audiences. Through each film he never let us down with very cool antics and storylines in each film.

By his side, Lloyd will always be the one and only Doc! His wide-eyed wonder and constant inventing throughout the times they travel is perfection. This first time I recall seeing Lloyd was his role as Reverend Jim Ignatowski on the stunning television series TAXI. He always made me laugh, think and have moments where questions marks had to have been above my head. Taking on the role of Doc, Lloyd got the chance to really let loose and be as eccentric as possible and we, the audience, ate it up.

Wilson as Biff/Bufford never once let his foot off the proverbial gas playing this role. Talk about the duality of a person, BACK TO THE FUTURE shows us what happens when you do right by people and when you do sneaky scandalous things. Wilson gives us the best of both and does it deliciously well. Glover as George gave a duality to the role of Marty’s father and Thompson brought Lorraine again and again. Honestly, I cannot imagine any other two actors being Marty’s parents!

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BACK TO THE FUTURE: The Ultimate Trilogy Bonus Features Include: An Alternate Future: Los Audition Tapes, The Hollywood Museum Goes BACK TO THE FUTURE, BACK TO THE FUTURE: The Musical – Behind the Scenes, Could You Survive the Movies? BACK TO THE FUTURE, 2015 Message from Doc Brown, OUTTA TIME: Restoring the DeLorean, LOOKING BACK TO THE FUTURE, BACK TO THE FUTURE: The Animates Series and the 2015 Commercials. Each film contains their own Bonus Features as well!

The set also includes a bonus Bluray disc of Deleted Scenes (Commentary by Producer Bob Gale), Tales from THE FUTURE: In the Beginning, Tales from THE FUTURE: Time to Go, Tales from THE FUTURE: Keeping Time, Archival Featurettes, Michael J. Fox Q&A, Behind the Scenes, Huey Lewis and the News “The Power of Love” Music Video, Theatrical Teaser Trailer, Join Team Fox, Q&A Commentary with Director Robert Zemeckis and Producer  Bob Gale and Feature Commentary with Producers Bob Gale and Neil Canton.

BACK TO THE FUTURE, II, III are such memorable films that my grown kids are sharing each of them with their own children. That is how you know a film has made a great impact on audiences, when it becomes a generational share of fun and delight.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment made sure that not only do fans get all three films, but so, so much more. Be prepared to spend some quality time with Marty, Doc and the gang because the extras are worth every moment.

In the end – they always find their way back to the future!



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