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Coming to DVD from writer/director Gabriel Sabloff and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment comes the story of running from it all when your name is BECKMAN.

Aaron Beckman (David A.R. White) is a reformed bad man who has taken the pulpit from PHILIP (Jeff Fahey). Thinking he made a mistake in that decision; he abruptly meets Tabitha (Brighton Shabino) who is looking for Philip. That meeting turns things around for them both and a year later the church is thriving, and college is in their future.

In the middle of it all, danger is brewing just below the happy surface. While enjoying family time, it is all interrupted by a man named Reese (William Baldwin) who claimed to have ownership over Tabitha. Deciding what to do, it is Beckman’s old life that rears its talented head to make Reese and his gang pay for taking his daughter.

He makes it clear to Reese that there will be no mercy for taking away someone he loves! That is the only warning he is ever going to get as Beckman is out for one thing – revenge and it’s easy to remember how good he was at it. Especially when he discovers how far down the disgusting rabbit hole goes.

His focus is on one thing, doing what it takes to find his daughter which is made more complicated by those now after him!

White as Beckman is a one-time hit man who has changed his life around. Giving all that up he turns to being a part of the church and community. Although he has moments of doubt, it is the appearance of Tabitha that makes it all come together for him. Of course, there is always one person out there that wants to change it and White gives his character permission to make them all pay.

Sharbino as Tabitha is a young woman looking to escape a dangerous life as well. When she finds Beckman at the church, she also finds a bit of normal and a chance to perhaps have the life a teenage girl should have. When Reese tracks her down, she is once again dragged into a nightmare.

Baldwin as Reese is a man who believes everything he does is right, including kidnapping young girls for his cult. Tabitha is not the only young girl that Reese has taken but Beckman wants to make sure they are the last. Baldwin is the calm, cool and collected bad guy who does not seem phased by anything that is happening around him.

Other cast include Kira Lorsch as Janice, Danielle Moinet as isabel, Jacob Melton as Tom, Xander Bailey as Frank, Lynette DuPress as Abigail. Nobuaki Shimamoto as Terence, Kevin Downes as Dan, Anna Zielinski as Kara, Madison Mae as Wendy, David Buglione as Connor and Burt Young as Salvatore.

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us to all experience and re-experience in our own home theaters. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit

Bonus Features include Feature Commentary with Writer/Director Gabriel Sabloff and Executive Producer and Star David A.R. White, The Making of BECKMAN: Faith and Hope Against the Storm and BECKMAN Bloopers.

BECKMAN is a total out and out seek and destroy mission from beginning to end. Trying to turn his life around was the goal and he was doing well until Reese came into their lives. Wanting the best for Tabitha, Reese enjoyed being a Dad and doing right by his community. And, as with all parents, no one is going to get away with hurting his child.

There is a lot of back and forth with flashbacks mixed in with time jumps but it all works together to tell the story. It is a very simple plot and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. It is a mixture of JOHN WICK meets TAKEN and you have an idea of where this is going to go. Prepare for the actions and everything that goes along with that as the guns go off and the chase is on.

In the end – it is a mission of vengeance!



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