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Coming to DVD from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and director Kirk Wise is a story of friendship, loyalty and fun with BOBBLEHEADS: The Movie.

When the family decides to take a little trip, they leave behind Ikioi (Karen Fukuhara) the space girl, Purrbles (Julian Sands) the cat, Kelani (Brenda Song) the skateboarding Bobble to protect the house. Having a few moments of fun, Kelani accidentally breaks the fish feeder. Trying to put that together, the door opens when Binky (Jennifer Coolidge) and Earl (Luke Owens) decide to make themselves at home not realizing that the house is being protected by the tiny bobblers!

They discover that Earl and Binky are looking for the Bobbles in order to hit pay dirt. Well, the Bobbles are not about to let that happen since this is their home! Deuce (Kari Payton) is the baseball bobble who just might have a thing for the skateboarder Kelani but the two play hard to get.

Finding answers, the meet Bobblehead Cher (Cher) and she lets them know that Bobbles never give up. Feeling inspired, Earl and Binky have no idea what they are up against because little does not mean helpless.

The Bobbles have a plan of their own!

Fukuhara as Ikioi is action oriented and loves a chance to take on video games. Feeling comfortable with her friends Purrbles and Kelani, she never expected life to get so, well, humanly interesting. Sands as Purrbles is very eloquent and at the same time does not know his worth – as in monetary worth. He just loves being with his friends and is not happy that Earl and Binky are bringing such drama to their home.

Song as Kelani is an athletic skateboarding Bobble who loves a good skating challenge. The problem is that once the house-humans are gone and taking her skating level up a few notches, sort of gets her in a fish quandary. When the humans arrive, she is all about doing everything to make them leave.

Payton as Deuce is a Bobble with a past in the family and it’s Earl who needs to talk to his brother about it. Once Ikioi and Kelani discover him in the box, they want to make sure he stays out of it. Instantly loving being with the other Bobbles, he helps in any way he can to rid themselves of the intruders – family or not!

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has just added an amazing film to their library and making it available for us to all experience and re-experience in our own home theaters. There are films of every genre available from scary to drama to family films. For more of what they have to offer please visit

BOBBLEHEADS: The Movie is a fun family film that brings to life one of the most iconic toys – Bobbleheads! My grandparents had several, my parents had their childhood Bobbleheads, I had two growing up and my sons had sports figures Bobbleheads and my granddaughter has a few. That makes them not only iconic, but generational.

The animation of the film is pretty cool and once you get past of the fact that the Bobbleheads actually do continue to bobble through the film, it brings on even more laughs. They are just as springy moving around as they are standing still.

That is what brings the fun of the film, that it reaches across generations who know what they are and now we get to know who they are! Full of fun, adventure and problem-solving abilities, what is even more important is that they are loyal, believe in friendship and like making human beings happy.

Staying home more with family means finding entertainment that everyone can enjoy and BOBBLEHEADS: The Movie fits the bill. Have fun, laugh a lot and remember that even Cher can teach us all a few things.

In the end – bobbles bobble and bring joy!



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