Badlands Beware (Badlands Cop Book 5)

Nicole Helm

June 16th, 2020

Harlequin Pub

Badlands Beware by Nicole Helm continues the “Badlands Cops” series. As the series progresses so does the storyline, with each book better than the previous one.  This is not to say the first is not spellbound and riveting.  

In Badlands Beware the heroine is Rachel Knight and the hero is Tucker Wyatt. As a detective he is assigned to protect Rachel from her father’s enemies. As Duke Knight’s only biological daughter she yearns for independence and for everyone to stop treating her as an invalid.  Ever since she was three years old she has been blind.  But that has never stopped her in the past and she does not plan to let it stop her now that she is in danger.  Determined to get to the bottom of who is endangering her, her father, and her family she and Tucker go in search of the organized crime group to end their reign of fear. 

“I wrote Rachel as blind but she is the calmest of all of her siblings.  Level-headed and impatient.  I think she gets annoyed when the rest of the family tries to be over-protective and becomes impatient with some of her restraints.  She can read people’s emotions and is very rational.  She has a lot of Grandma Pauline in her and most embodies her traits.  Tucker is very methodical, patient, and has a strict sense of right/wrong. They are the most similar and the least bull headed.  I think they are the quieter characters who are very willing to trust each other.  They approached the attraction very carefully.”  

This book no longer has the enemy of Ace Wyatt, but he does appear in the background as his sons try to overcome what this demon did to them as a child. The actual quest leaves the brothers going after true bad guys with the help of a Knight sister.  Through their journey true love is found.



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