Beginning of Forever

The D’Angelos Book 3

Catherine Bybee

Montlake Pub

June 27th, 2023

Beginning of Forever by Catherine Bybee is a story of passion and following one’s dreams. There are deep and meaningful family and friend relationships.  

The heroine Emma must contend with a misogynist father who refuses to allow her to be a part of the family wine business.  To make matters worse, he has put her ex-husband in charge. Intent to run the family wine business one day, she finds that the men in her family want only to push her out of it. But she has other plans. To take some time off and decide what she will do Emma accepts a gift of a wine tasting tour in Italy.

Both Emma and Gio, the hero, are given for their thirtieth birthdays, a trip to wine country in Tuscany Italy. They form an instant connection and attraction during the three-week tour. Gio wants to continue the relationship once they return to the States and is willing to jump through some hoops to make it happen. After returning to California, they continue to see each other.  The relationship takes a turn when an unexpected issue makes Emma reevaluate some things in her life with Gio right by her side. 

“Gio is a kind “player.” He does not try to score more girls on his bedpost. He is the culmination of the hot guy people want in their life with a high degree of loyalty. He is charming, caring, and excepting.  He is flirty, a teaser, but is also family minded. He is a protective brother to his sister Chloe. Emma is a little jaded because of having to deal with her misogynist father. She is down to earth, direct, competitive, and confident, also flirty.”

This is a heartfelt and emotional story that includes struggling with medical issues and family. The humor and banter in the story are a welcome release for readers as they go on a journey with the hero and heroine.



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