Blueberry Blunder

Amish Candy Show Mystery Book 8

Amanda Flower

Kensington Books Pub.

May 23, 2023

Blueberry Blunder by Amanda Flower is the eighth book in the “Candy Shop Amish series.”  This series along with the spinoff “Amish Matchmaker Series” are great cozies.  Readers are treated to a unique mystery, brilliant characters, and some funny animals.

“I wrote the construction angle from my own experience when we decided to build my husband’s recording studio. We had to work with a lot of contractors.  We paid for it in cash.  Some of the contractors were not very nice.  Since my husband was at work, I was alone with them. They resented a woman telling them how we wanted things. I would not do it again. Also, I wanted to give Bailey a new challenge.  It is natural for her to want a candy factory.” 

The plot has the main character, Bailey King, building her dream candy factory in Harvest, Ohio. After the construction work stalls, she fires the contractor.  Unfortunately, that same night someone kills him. With a long list of enemies, including people in the Amish community, and a sheriff who has tunnel vision, with his sites on an Amish man, Bailey knows she needs to investigate. This book seems to be introducing a sidekick for Bailey, Charlotte Weaver, her cousin, and assistant in the candy shop.  Charlotte seems to have a knack for piecing together clues and enjoys the investigation process.  But she has an ulterior motive since her dad is the Amish man accused. She is hopeful that Bailey, along with her help, can clear his name. This might spur her family to stop shunning her since she left the Amish community to marry an “Englisher.”

“Charlotte will be Bailey’s partner in the candy shop and in crime solving. It is easier now that she is not Amish.  She will be involved in managing the factory.  It will not be a “buddy mystery series,” like Millie and Lois but will be a major factor in this series.  She is unsure of herself because she made a big decision to leave the Amish community.  But she did it for love. She lost her family with her brothers and sisters resentful.  She is very sincere and wants reconciliation.  Her feelings always seem to be compartmentalized.  Sometimes she is insecure and lacks confidence.”

To add to the drama, Bailey is being filmed by a crew for her upcoming show after accepting a TV producer’s pitch to have a reality show about building the factory.  Then there is the Blueberry Bash Festival to contend with along with Charlotte’s wedding, and Bailey’s boyfriend, Aiden, moving back to Harvest to become a private detective. 

“Aiden is now a private investigator.  He wanted to come back to Harvest to be with Bailey. He could not be working with the Sheriff’s Department because he did not get along with the Sheriff. In this book the Sheriff leaves office, a forced retirement. In the next book Aiden will be the Sheriff. First, the interim sheriff and in the next Candy Shop, Taffy Trouble, he will run for office.  I have not started to write it yet.”

Anyone who wants a good mystery intermingled with some light romance, Amish beliefs, and very humorous characters, both human and animal, should read these books.



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