Death In Bloom

Jess Dylan

St. Martins

May 25th, 2021

Death In Bloom by Jess Dylan is the first in a three book cozy mystery series. There are a lot of quirky characters that make it a fun read.

The author likes to blend fun and “magic.” “My previous series has some magical incidents.  With this new series my character Sierra believes in the law of attraction.  This is a practical way to make dreams come true.  Life is mysterious and magical, and I hoped to show that in this new mystery series. I think the flower shop fits perfectly with the story and character. It is a cheerful and bright place. It fits in seamlessly with the main character since both present a positive outlook and serve community.”

The new amateur sleuth is Sierra Ravenswood, a part-time employee of the Flower House. After her dream of becoming a singer in Nashville crashed and burned, she’s just grateful to have a job at the flower shop in Aerieville, Tennessee. Her boss goes AWOL and leaves her managing the Flower Shop and taking care of his Corgi dog, Gus. Now she must run the bouquet arranging workshop all by herself. As one obnoxious attendee, Abe, taunts another attendee, he suddenly falls to the floor dead of what is determined to be poison. Everyone at the workshop is a suspect, accused of putting poison in the snacks. Now she and others in the town are determined to find the murderer, putting all at risk.

“I wanted to write Sierra as optimistic and positive.  She has musical and artistic skills.  To show her caring ways I had her tend to Gus the dog.  Like all Corgis he is friendly and sassy.  I know because I have corgis.  All the characters will be back in my next book, coming out November 30th and titled Petals and Poison.”

The characters enhance the story. Deena Lee is a friend of Sierra’s from high school that becomes her sidekick.  Calvin helps with the sleuth work but also in running the flower shop. He is more than the nerdy klutz he appears to be. Granny Mae acts very strange but gives Sierra some good suggestions.  Finally, there is Gus who will put a smile on reader’s faces. 



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