Healing The Rancher

The Mountain Monroes Book 11

Melinda Curtis

Harlequin Heartwarming PUB

May 24th, 2022

Healing The Rancher by Melinda Curtis is another heartwarming story.  Both the heroine and hero have scars literally and figuratively. These create obstacles that need to be overcome, especially since the two seem to be direct opposites. 

“Cancer played an important role. I read an article that spawned an idea.  A person put their cancer treatment on hold because they wanted to have children. This was fascinating to me.  Why would a person want children so badly?  I thought of writing a story where this rancher feels that having little ones is very important.  Because of the side effects he pauses it, mid treatment. As he went through the story, I wanted him to learn a lesson.”

Kendall Monroe is attempting to salvage her life. She has lost her job and boyfriend and has started her own social media company.  But to land a big contract, she must be knowledgeable about ranching life. Now, city gal Kendall needs to do a rush course on living as a cow person. Lucky for her Finn McAfee is desperate to hire a ranch hand.  After losing a bet to Kendall, he takes her on, but puts obstacles up so she will not succeed and will quit.  Unfortunately, for him Kendall is stubborn and persistent.  This book quote, “everybody wears their armor differently,” shows how these two opposites begin to realize there is an attraction that draws them together.

After losing her steady job and her boyfriend Kendall stops and evaluates what is happening in her life. Although fashion and appearance are important to her, that is her armor. She became the fish out of water role on a ranch, a former city gal. Kendall is guarded, feisty, sassy, and stubborn. While Finn is big-hearted, hardworking, and knows the direction he wants to go.  Being a Marine influenced who he became with his dedication, loyalty, and intensity. He can be cantankerous, grumpy, and moody.”

Finn is a widower, father, and retired Marine, with scars on his face and body.  Kendall is stylish, a quick learner, and someone who believes in herself.  They are brought together by Finn’s four-year-old daughter, Lizzie, and Kendall’s kitten Boo. 

“Lizzie stole scenes. Very adorable.  Lizzie is a counterpoint to Finn’s stony persona, showing readers his softer side. She is a lot like Kendall.  The cat, Kitten Boo acted like a princess.  I enjoy writing animal personalities and enjoy reading other stories with animals highlighted.”

This is a wonderful story that encompasses some serious issues including cancer.  But Curtis has a gift for writing stories that can make readers think, cry, and laugh with humorous interludes. 



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