Hidden (Texas Murder Files Book 1)

Laura Griffin

Berkley Pub.

Aug 25th, 2020

Hidden by Laura Griffin is the first in a new series.  The story is intense, suspenseful, with some romance.  

The plot begins with a woman murdered on a hiking trail.  At first, investigators think it is a mugging gone wrong.  But there are some clues, which stand out, that have crime reporter, Bailey Rhoads, suspecting there is more to the story. Why would the body be stabbed numerous times, moved, and then dumped in the lake near the trail? Also, investigating the case is detective Jacob Meritt who is distrustful of all reporters, Bailey being no exception. 

“I wanted to explore if it possible to have privacy if someone’s life is on the line?  If someone is looking for someone else can the Witness Protection really work?  Are we at the point that privacy is a privilege? What is the length someone has to go through to remain hidden?  The book has a quote, ‘there is no such thing as privacy.’”

Realizing they can help each other they agree to meet on occasion to trade information. Bailey realizes there is a connection between a large technology company that is working on a project that skirts the boundaries of ethics, and possibly the law.  Meanwhile, Jacob realizes there may be connections to the murder and organized crime in Chicago. But after learning that another woman is in danger they join forces to locate her, putting themselves in danger.  This is when the romance ratchets up as both realize they have a sexual tension between them as well as strong feelings.

“I wrote Jacob as I do with all the heroes in my book have a strong moral compass.  He is a police detective that has a lot of integrity with a strong sense of duty and obligation.  I also think he is tenacious, and the strong/silent type who is very protective. As far as Bailey, she is independent, smart and spunky, and asks forgiveness instead of permission. Because she is a small person and a woman on the crime beat, she feels underestimated. Bailey is driven, determined, and can be stubborn as well as reckless at times. They had a natural conflict from the very beginning because of their professions. They have to overcome a lot to trust each other.  There is this inherent tension and conflict based on their jobs.” 

This story has both an intriguing mystery and characters. Readers will want to read the next installment, if for nothing else, to find out what happens between Bailey and Jacob.



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