Honeymoons Can Be Hazardous

Amish Matchmaker Series Book 4

Amanda Flower

Kensington Pub

Dec. 27th, 2022

Honeymoons Can Be Hazardous by Amanda Flower is a fabulous cozy mystery that takes place in Harvest Ohio. The duo of Millie Fisher and Lois Henry are back.  They are the Odd Couple since Millie is Amish and Lois is English and very flamboyant. Beyond this, readers also learn a bit about the Amish culture, beliefs, and problems.  In this story Flower delves into the drug problem among the Amish.

“Drugs and alcohol is a real problem.  In rural Ohio there is an opium crisis because it is so inexpensive and easily accessible. In the last decade it has come to the Amish community.  I wanted to make people aware. Per capita drug use is higher in the rural counties.  The more Liberal Amish districts will go to hospitals for medical conditions, although I never heard someone going for drug therapy. Drug use is more whispered about than out in the open. In the book, I had a crisis center being created.” 

As in all the books in the series Millie and Lois make a formidable sleuthing team. They must investigate the killing of Paige Moorhead, the wife of Lois’ latest ex-husband, gambler Gerome Moorhead. She gets hit on the head by an oversized cuckoo clock that fell. Unfortunately, Lois become one of the main suspects.  Millie aka the Amish Marple is determined to find the real killer, and Lois makes sure she is included in the sleuthing. 

Readers learn a little more about Lois’s backstory.  They will laugh as she carries around a huge purse a la Mary Poppins’ satchel.  It seems she has everything in it but the kitchen sink. The purse matches Lois’s personality, colorful, full of spirit, and very outspoken.  

“In future books I want to have Lois find a partner because she is a hopeless romantic.  In this book she realized she has not made the best decisions when it comes to men. This is setting up the next book. The next book in this series comes out this time next year titled Dating Can Be Deadly. Lois is dating a couple of guys. I am going to Pinecraft, the Amish retirement community in Florida to research about it. Millie and Lois will have a girl’s trip there.”

People will find themselves quickly drawn into the story and mystery.  They will eagerly flip through the pages to find out what happens next.  The characters are fun and quirky, and the story has many laughs. 



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