Isolated Threat (Badlands Cop Book 4)

Nicole Helm

Harlequin Pub

June 1st, 2020

Isolated Threat by Nicole Helm continues the “Badlands Cops” series. As the series progresses so does the storyline, with each book better than the previous one.  This is not to say the first is not spellbound and riveting.  

Isolated Threat brings to life Brady Wyatt who agrees to help Cecilia Mills Knight rescue a child. Her good friend had postpartum depression and after a suicide attempt the state agency plans on taking her baby Mak away. The mother is afraid that the father, Elijah, would get custody and that has to prevented at all costs.  He is a member of the notorious horrific gang, Sons of the Badlands, and is attempting to become its leader.  Just like his suspected father, Ace Wyatt, Elijah is a murderer, sociopath, and uses fear as a tool. Now both Brady and Cecilia decide to protect the child by running away with him.  But that is actually a ruse since the baby is left with Grandma Pauline and the rest of the Wyatt/Knight family. The hope is that Elijah will actually be led away from the child as he chases down Cecilia and Brady.

Helm noted, “Before this series I never wrote about children.  I wanted to increase the tension so I added the children component; yet, I tried not to put them in immediate peril.  Romantic suspense involves a theme of protection whether the hero protecting the heroine, vice versa, or a protection of animals or children. Brady is that type of hero: very honorable, calm, and smart, a by the book kind of guy.”

To make matters worse, Brady has sworn off getting serious with any Knight girl.  Yet, there is definitely a chemistry between him and Cecilia and now they will be living together on the run. He still remembers that December night when she made the move and gave him an intimate kiss.  But now he tries to be all business, and interacts with her cop to cop.  He is working for the county, while she is an Indian tribal officer.  The intensity increases not only regarding the danger, but also regarding their relationship.

“When I developed the characters, I did not think that Brady and Cecilia would be a couple.  They are different on the outside, but similar on the inside.  There was this moment in the story where they realized how similar they actually were. I think both were surprised by the attraction. At first, they tried to avoid each other with their contentious edgy banter. They did not want to get involved with each other as their siblings had.”

This book no longer has the enemy of Ace Wyatt, but he does appear in the background as his sons try to overcome what this demon did to them as a child. The actual quest leaves the brothers going after true bad guys with the help of a Knight sister.  Through their journey true love is found.



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