K-9 Hideout

K-9 Alaskan Book 4

Elizabeth Heiter

Harelquin Intrique

June 29th 2021

K-9 Hideout by Elizabeth Heiter, the fourth in this series, is just as good as the first three.  Combining a mystery with great characters including the four-legged furry kind makes for a great story. 

Elizabeth Heiter drew from her own personal experience to show what it is like having a stalker in someone’s life.  Sabrina Jones has moved from New York City to Desparre Alaska to hide from a stalker.  After leaving a note that he found her again, Sabrina has decided to stop running and take a stand.  With the help of the police handler, Tate Emory, and his canine partner Sitka, she is determined to find who is stalking her.  

“I put this quote in the book, “It was a common tactic of scum like domestic abusers, so why not stalkers, too?  Make the target of their obsession feel vulnerable and completely alone.  Make them feel that if they dared to try and get help, things would only get worse.” I do think there a lot of parallels between the psychology of these types.  In the end of the day, it is all about them.  Unfortunately, I experienced both being stalked by someone and I also grew up with abuse.  I knew about the limitations of law enforcement.  They cannot by around 100% of the time for protection.  These types have an obsessive need for control.”

Unbeknownst to Sabrina is that her and Tate have in a lot in common. Both have changed their identities, have left a big city, and are hiding from someone who wants to do them harm.  Although he does not have a stalker, he is escaping dirty cops who want to end his life after he turned them in.  But both have become exposed after an incident where Sabrina saved Sitka and the newspaper story has received national media exposure.  

“I wrote Sabrina as super resilient, self-reliant, creative, strong, shy, and determined.  She is also lonely, sad, fearful, and angry. Tate is determined loyal, optimistic, calm, gentle, confident, and protective.  He has a dry sense of humor. They had a lot in common since both have hidden identities, kept their past secret, and moved to a remote place to protect themselves. In fact, Sabrina was angry with Tate because she confided in him everything about her past, but he kept his past hidden from her.  This caused her to be put in danger and had threats on her life.  She ultimately forgave him because he explained that by not telling her he thought he was keeping her safe.  He also put his own life at risk by staying to make sure her problem was resolved.”

As with all her books, this story is fast paced with a lot of action.  Readers get to know the characters and enjoy going through their journey with them.



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