Last Girl Ghosted

Lisa Unger

Harper Collins Pub

October 5th, 2021

Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger is a gripping psychological thriller.  Anyone who wants to be taken on a roller coaster ride should read a Lisa Unger book. This one explores secrets, obsession, vengeance, and social media. The storyline is dark, disturbing yet believable and realistic. It delves into fake identities, ghosting, stealing funds, and the troubling aspects of technology use.

“I wanted to explore the world of ghosting. If they were not the right choice, it is easy to ghost them.  They were a stranger before and become a stranger afterwards.  Technology is rewriting the primal struggle of searching for a mate.  Once upon the dating pool was small, but now it is global.  Someone has a right to say I don’t want to be with you and the other person cannot say anything.  They do not have a vote.  Then there is the person who can choose to ghost someone making it seem the relationship was imaginary even though there was a real person.” 

The main character, Wren Greenwood, writes the advice column “Dear Birdie.” Because she has no social life, her best friend Jax talks her into trying the dating app Torch. After a few misses Wren meets Adam Harper, an IT executive, and there is an immediate connection between the two. Things heat up and are getting more intimate until three months into the relationship he stands her up. Then he disappears: profiles deleted, phone disconnected, and no evidence he ever existed.  Adam ghosted her. 

Wren isn’t one to let things go so she starts digging, realizing she was not the only one who fell for his lines. After being contacted by Bailey, a private detective who is looking for Adam, she discovers that three other girls went missing.  Agreeing to join forces, she, and Bailey search for Adam and the three missing girls, both wondering if they are the predator or the prey.

Wren and Adam are opposites.  “He decided to go off the grid, acting as a survivalist in the woods.  He slipped in and out of the shadows.  The reader only sees him through Wren’s eyes.  He is smart, a loner, obsessed, mysterious, and well read.  He can be considerate, kind, and funny, but there is another side to him where he appears as a predator, dangerous, and a destroyer of lives.  She struggles from her dark past, but a survivor.  She has found her way going forward with a super successful career and a community of friends.  Through her work as a columnist with “Dear Birdie” she can help people go from the darkness into the light.  She left her dad’s world of being a Doomsday Prepper and thinking humanity has ended.  She does not think that the world failed her, but her father failed her.  She did take skills away from him that helps her to survive.  She is very kind, loyal, smart, and caring.”

There are so many twists and revelations that the readers’ heads are spinning. The story shows the value of friends.



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