Leave No Trace (FBI K-9 Novel Book 5)

Sara Driscoll

Dec 29th, 2020

Kensington Pub

Leave No Trace by Sara Driscoll takes readers on an action-packed roller coaster ride. In this book the protagonists have to worry about the dangerous elements, along with the murderer.  The action sequences, as well the heroine’s fear of heights, make for riveting scenes.

Meg Jennings and Brian Foster of the FBI’s Forensic Canine Unit head to Georgia to investigate killings by bow and arrow of a county commissioner and State Patrol officer. With their dogs Hawk, a black Lab, and Lacey, a German Shepherd, Meg and Brian are enlisted to follow the scent of a killer. As the body count rises, the “compound bow killer” becomes even more elusive, appearing and vanishing like a ghost. It becomes clear that there is a connection between the building of the Copperhill Dam, the subsequent loss of the surrounding land, and the killings.

“I grew up with a black Lab, which is why Hawk is from that breed.  German Shepherds are classically more of a canine dog used by police.  This is because Labs are not known for their aggressiveness. But it really comes down to individual dogs and their own drive and personality.  In my stories, Hawk is aggressive only when protecting Meg.  Both Hawk and Lacey are trained to search for a suspect, using the same skills as they would to search for a child.”  

Back to help in the investigation is reporter McCord, the boyfriend of Meg’s sister, Cara.  Through his eyes and writings, readers are able to understand the history of the area and the background on the removal of the Cherokee people. The author also starts every chapter with a description that further helps set the history, time, and place. 

“Funny story. Isaac, from the sporting goods store Bass Pro, worked in the archery department.  I explained to him I was writing a book where someone with an arrow is a murderer.  I questioned him about distances and the types of bows/arrows that would be needed.  He answered my questions but was very hesitant. The next day I received an email from him saying ‘you were who you said you were.  I looked you up.’  I giggled and thought, ‘no, I am not going to kill someone literally.’”

Further contributing to the suspense is the setting.  Bears, coyotes, rattlesnakes, and the river rapids along with the rough terrain make for nail-biting scenes. 

The story delves into the heartwarming feelings both dog and handler have for each other. Along with a riveting murder mystery the plot has a fascinating look at the training of working dogs, who are depicted as uniformly brave and obedient. Also, adding depth is the relationship between Meg and her boyfriend Webb.



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