The Amish Cowboy

Montana Millers Book 1

Adina Senft

Moonshell Books

March 24th, 2021

The Amish Cowboy by Adina Senft brings to life the Amish community within the Montana setting.  It is a ‘what if’ story.  What if there were Amish who became cattle ranchers, and what if the hero and heroine had never had a chance reunion?

“Only a few Amish stories are set here.  Plus, I used to live in Alberta Canada, and I knew the ranchers are about seven miles north of the Amish community in Montana. The weather, the way people worked with the land, the short period of time of the growing season, and the terrain were all familiar to me. Montana winters are very long and brutal. I had to move the location in Montana because the Amish community lives in the mountains, which does not lend itself to ranching. I have not met an Amish cowboy, but I think they are possible. 

Daniel Miller is the oldest of six siblings.  He is a rugged Amish cowboy who manages roundups, takes care of the land, helps to raise cattle, and expertly rides horses.  He is more like the foreman of the family Circle M Ranch in northwestern Montana. 

“He is the eldest son of a large close-knit fmily.  Very responsible and a nice-looking man.  He has a natural command in being the oldest brother.  Now at twenty-eight he is still not married because he has been carrying a torch for Lovina for ten years. He is honest, compassionate, patient, and gentle. While Lovina felt unwanted and and never able to get what she wanted. She lost her ability to make connections with people. She was never treated with joy and welcome.  Now she is a good mother, very protective, smart, resourceful, but still fearful, vulnerable. She used to be a closed defensive person, but now is opening up.”

But at the age of twenty-eight he is viewed as a male spinster because he has yet to get married. His heart was broken ten years earlier when the love of his life, Lovina Lapp said no to his marriage proposal. Instead, she married another man who was recently killed in a hunting accident. To overcome their grief, she accepted an invitation to take her eight-year-old son Joel and visit the national parks.  But because the van they were in broke down she and Joel were now stranded in Montana with Daniel and his family. Because Joel was so enthusiastic, she agreed to go with the Millers and their neighbors to bring down the cattle before winter came.  But due to weather conditions, money restraints, and other circumstances she and Joel stayed much more then they planned.  It became obvious that both Daniel and Lovina still have feelings for each other, but would they allow the walls they built around themselves to fall.

“She turned down Daniel’s initial proposal of marriage because she never saw herself as worthy.  He had hurt feelings. She is confused about her emotions.  They are trying to protect themselves from each other, yet the memories of their time together keep creeping in. They need to find trust in each other. She was fearful and he was hurt.  He unconsciously compared every girl he met to Lovina, and they never added up. No matter how perfect another woman can be, there is only going to be Lovina for him, even if he does not realize it yet.”

Although there might have some liberties taken, the way the story was presented seemed very plausible that the Amish could be cowboys.  Readers will take a journey with the characters and learn about Montana.  They will also feel a part of the Miller family and will root for them to have a happy ending.



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