The Billionaire in Boots (The Princes of Texas Book 3)

Julia London

Berkley Pub

March 3rd, 2020

The Billionaire in Boots by Julia London is the latest of two books that show why she is “Queen of the Banter,” writing family-focused funny and endearing tales with snappy, witty, and teasing dialogue between the hero and heroine.  

The Billionaire in Boots has a lively dialogue, a sassy heroine, and a hero unsure of himself.  But instead of having a royal environment this plot has a western cowboy theme. A scene in the book shows how these two butt heads.  Nick, the hero tells the heroine, Charlotte, “I’m not actually the grim reaper.” She asked him why he was at the bar, “Shouldn’t you be at your house staring at a rescue cow or something?” His response, “The cows are down in the valley.  I wouldn’t be able to get a good look.”

“I wrote Charlotte as a character that speaks her mind. She is bubbly, rock solid, someone everyone can rely on.  She has ambition, but it is a goal toward happiness.  She wants the whole nine yards of a husband and children. My oldest sister was like that because all she wanted was to be mother and wife. Charlotte is self-assured and was emphatic that no one would tell her how to lead her life.”

Nick also feels unappreciated and not able to make a useful life for himself.  After his father died, he had to take over the cattle ranch, which is something he never wanted to do.  He gave up his dream to become a commercial pilot. He is a cowboy who loves the ranch but doesn’t want to run the ranch, but knows he has to help get it out of financial disaster. He put everything aside for duty.  But he was not alone because Charlotte was the office manager who knew far more than he did.  She also has a dream, to settle down with her prince charming and raise a family instead of being a career-oriented person. 

“I wrote Nick as grumpy, but also disgruntled and feels like he got the wrong end of the deal.  He has a good heart.  Nick is a loner which is why flying is so important to him. He could see the world without family and responsibilities.  I think he is resentful of his father and family who never considered what he wanted. I really like the idea of people who have a dream and for whatever reason cannot pursue it.  I have known people in my life who thought they were going to do something else and that did not happen.”

All the heroines seem to have a common characteristic: smart, direct, charming, and know what they want out of life, and Charlotte is no different.  Nick, as with the other heroes are thrown into a life they would not have chosen for themselves and rely on the heroine to help them find themselves.

The story includes tenderness and humor throughout.  It involves a love/hate relationship, passion, and characters somewhat at odds with societal norms. The snappy sarcastic dialogue moves the story along allowing readers to laugh, smile, and cry with the characters.



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