The Escape (US Marshals Book 1)

Lisa Harris

Revell Pub

Nov 3rd, 2020

The Escape by Lisa Harris brings to life the world of a U.S. Marshal. The book has non-stop action as the Marshals try to figure out the bad guy’s next move, with most of the story about a criminal on the run. Harris does a great job of showing how the Marshals would hunt for an escaped convict and what the criminal does to avoid them.

The author noted, “I did some on the Internet, spoke with a source, and read a book written by a US Marshal as well as using a lot of imagination.  I found that there are so many different aspects to their duties that include witness protection, finding a fugitive, transporting prisoners, and guarding people.” 

The story begins with US Marshals Madison James and Jonas Quinn transporting two prisoners across the country on a private small plane. The plane experiences engine trouble and the pilots crash-land in the heart of the Salmon-Challis National Forest. After Madison and Jonas regain consciousness, they find everyone dead except one of the prisoners.  To find him they must negotiate the rugged and remote backcountry through Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado. Both the Marshals and the fugitive play a dangerous cat and mouse game to bring him back to justice.

I wanted to write a heroin who is strong, vulnerable, determined, focused, patient, and guarded.  She reads people well. The hero wants to make the world better.  He hides his hurt with his work actions.  Jonas is a good listener, a loner, and very dedicated.  At this time both are not look looking for a relationship.  They are able to heal each other from the hurting.  Right now, both are taking it very cautiously.  Both know what it is like to fall in love and lose that person; although each did it in different ways. She lost her husband, and he had an issue with his girlfriend so neither were looking for a relationship at this time.  I want to explore the relationship over a longer period of time.  They do have a lot in common and understand each other.”  

This story is very suspenseful and is an edge of the seat thriller.  Readers will not want to put it down so when they start, they should make sure there is plenty of time to finish it in one sitting. 



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