The Witness (Marshal Law Book 2)

Nichole Severn

Harlequin Pub

Jan 26th, 2021

The Witness by Nichole Severn brings to life its hero and heroine.  Readers get a very suspenseful mystery coupled with a little romance.

Camille Goodman is under the protection of US Marshal Finn Reed after fighting off a serial killer known as The Carver, who was also her fiancé. He would strangle, bind, and carve “Mine” into his victim’s chest.  But she was the only lucky one, when on Valentine’s Day she was able to fight him and escape. The mystery ratches up as another woman is killed even though the supposed Carver is in jail.  Questions arise as new information is discovered.

“The heroine, Camille, relies on her work to get her through the hardest of times of her life. She is the most autobiographical of my characters. I think Camille questions her self-worth. Her whole story is about finding herself, finding her significance, and proving that she does not need her work for her to achieve this.  Overall, she is brave, a fighter, and creative.  The hero, Finn, helps her to see she is stronger than her fears. The hero, Finn, looks like Chris Evans, Captain America. Finn is an alpha male and very protective. He is broken inside and needs to learn to forgive himself. He is guilt-ridden, determined, and reliable.”

“What I wanted to show is how healing does not mean that everything which happened never happened, but to accept the past and create a better future. I wrote this quote, ‘Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It just means the past doesn’t control your life anymore.’ Everyone goes through some diversity in their life. Finn gave Camille perspective. I thought about this quote in my own life when I had to get over my own trauma over the years including betrayal and abuse.”  

To compound problems, both the rescuer and the victim form a bond. The banter between them is excellent.  Severn is able to show how the heroine is strong and vulnerable, while the hero is stubborn about getting close because of his traumatic past.

“Their relationship is guarded. They try to do everything they can to not get involved. Because of his past, the hero is determined to keep it professional and not let it get personal. It became dramatic, with lots of ups and downs. They both start out as private people, but they end up opening up to each other. I think Camille is much more emotional, while Finn tries to be intellectual about his feelings.” 

There is a lot of action, and danger, with the constant fear of death. Along with additional killings, the mystery is amped up.



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