Three Treats Too Many (Sarah Blair Mystery Book 3)

Debra Goldstein

Kensington Pub.

August 25th 2020

Three Treats Too Many by Debra Goldstein has amateur sleuth Sarah Blair once again solving a murder.  What makes these books beyond a cozy mystery is that the story delves into societal issues. 

This plot has Sarah, now the co-owner of a restaurant with her twin sister, Emily and brother-in-law.  Running a nearby restaurant is Sarah’s nemesis, Jane, who was Sarah’s late husband’s mistress. 

“Jane will always be Sarah’s nemesis. Jane is like a cat with nine lives.  Everything she touches eventually turns sour.  In this one she opens a restaurant which becomes popular because of the vegan meal choices.  But, after the chef dies, she does not know what to do and cannot make it on her own. She seems to always stumble but ends up surviving.” 

The mystery ratchets up after Jane’s new sous chef, Riley Miller, is found dead outside the restaurant with Sarah’s friend, Jacob, kneeling over her.  He becomes the prime suspect after word gets out about his infatuation with Riley. As Sarah looks to prove Jacob’s innocence, she soon learns that Riley had more people dislike her than not. This includes many of the members of a motorcycle gang that Riley and Jacob were part of. Other suspects include the veterinarians that recently opened up an office by the parking lot where Riley was found dead.

“took this writing class and during a break these people started talking about their motorcycle trip.  They were not the stereotypical people of the motorcycle world.  They were a group who from all walks of life and every summer went on a motorcycle trip. Also, some friends of mine who owned a balloon business was someone who broke all the motorcycle records in his youth.  I also went to the largest motorcycle museum, which is located here in Alabama.  All of these came together.”

The darker side of love is dealt with in this novel, along with PTSD, of those who served in the military.  The relationships between the characters seem very realistic. There are a number of suspects to go around, which makes the mystery very compelling. 



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