Three candidates are running against Mike Levin for the 49th Congressional district, which runs from Del Mar California to Orange County California, including Carlsbad, Oceanside, and Vista, along the California coast.

It is interesting that of the three candidates running, Christopher Rodriguez, Brian Maryott, and Lisa Bartlett, only Rodriguez is above the fray. He is concentrating on the issues instead of resorting to dirty tricks.  Maryott is accusing Rodriguez of someone suing him.  The lawsuit is not in dispute, but the facts Maryott provides is very suspect.  Maryott makes Rodriguez look like a criminal with a mug shot with his unfair tactics. He has it as a campaign ad one week before the primary, right after Rodriquez overtook him for second place behind Levin in California’s open primary, and everyone knows that in America anyone can sue anyone so what was Maryott’s end game? Is he that desperate? Instead of spending his money on dirty tricks Maryott should be informing voters, focusing on the issues and solutions.   What Maryott did should remind voters of the Democratic ad in 2016 when they accused Republicans of “throwing grandma over the cliff.” 

Just go to each of the candidates’ websites to see which one is transparent.  Brian Maryott speaks in broad strokes about the issues.  For example, regarding border security he does not mention building a wall, and regarding education he does not mention critical race theory.  Lisa Bartlett on her website has her plan for what she will prioritize but each bullet point does not have any specifics.  Christopher Rodriquez does list his priorities and gives detailed answers on how he will accomplish them.  In addition, Maryott in a campaign TV ad emphasized term limits.  Today, Americans are not thinking about that, but instead what would a future Congressman do to help them put food on the table, find baby formula, and lower gas prices. Maryott seems very out of touch with Americans, their needs, and what is important. 

Having been a Marine who fought in the war on terror, Rodriguez knows that it is important to work as a team and criticizing gets nothing accomplished. Instead, he wants to work across the aisle to find real solutions to help Americans. 

Maybe those running for Congress should stop being politicians first and should start being caring individuals who have answers to the dire issues facing Americans today.  It would be nice if politicians stopped putting their agenda before those Californians who are trying to survive the Biden policies.



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